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  1. A Simple Little Trick to finding smaller gold (no really)

    if you have good vision i envy you, as i no longer have perfect 20/20 i had to figure out how to work around that problem, here is my solution: presuming that i am not the only one to have these magnifcation glasses that you wear around your head. i removed the stronger of the 2 lens and moved...
  2. night time ops at a dry (no water) claim

    my trommel never fails to amaze me, found this, this morning. lost my red safety pin, had to "borrow" another one from my wife. others may find gold smaller, but this one is mine and i like it.
  3. a chance at a golden opportunity for those interested

    after coming back from the claim, and unloading the car of full buckets, i have decided that i have enough material to keep me busy for the next 2 or 3 months at least, (never knew how much i could put into a 7 gallon bucket, but its holds a lot) anyway since no one took me up on my offer i have...
  4. a chance at a golden opportunity for those interested

    so far, the only "non-human" things i have seen are burro's and wild horses, and several wolf spiders......some were silver dollar size, they left me alone, i stayed clear of them. i have hear coyotes in the distance but they never got closer, it is very considerate of them to be howling...
  5. a chance at a golden opportunity for those interested

    How so? If talkIng about the claim, I go out there at night in summer, daytime when it cools off. If it's been raining out here, I stay home.
  6. a chance at a golden opportunity for those interested

    going out to the claim tonight, anyone wanting their material checked for placer gold content, drop me a line, will get back to you sunday.
  7. 1853 GOLD $1

    oh that is sweet, nice find.
  8. Do You Believe

    nice to see original markings that were left a long time ago, and have yet to be defaced and destroyed, were those bullet impacts in the rocks?
  9. my wife found a fossil out at the claim

    crinoids. interesting.....upside down, how can you tell? i was "presuming" that is where the "stem" is/was where the "top" is/was, did not find anything that could determine its up/down positioning.
  10. a chance at a golden opportunity for those interested

    during the summer time, i go out to the claim at night, actually at sundown, then its just a matter of how long i want to be out there and how hard i want to work, i usually give up before sunrise and the heat starts coming back. but i bring back 5 gallon buckets full of material i have run...
  11. a chance at a golden opportunity for those interested

    i have come up with a process that can find placer gold (20 to 80mesh range) in the material that i bring back from my groups claim. This is my offer to anyone interested, send me one pound of dry material from the location you are looking at, i will process the material and tell you if there is...
  12. how to get gold monster 1000 to see placer gold (30 mesh and smaller)

    i have been finding placer gold, but its 30 mesh and smaller. I have searched the same area with my GM1000 but did not find anything that it could detect. it does not pick up anything in the area where i have been finding the placer gold, any suggestions for tweaking the GM? none of the gold in...
  13. Worst movie adaptation ever

    agreed, i found an audiobook of "Goldfinger" did not recognize the story in the audiobook.
  14. night time ops at a dry (no water) claim

    built my trommel from a video he made it look easy, eventually i got it built. the one in the picture has been modified a time or two as needed. someday would like to put an electric motor on it, having to shovel, then turn the trommel then repeat takes time away from the work that could be...
  15. Anyone make a 4 foot gold pan for fines?

    a kid somewhere is looking for his wading pool.