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  • Placer recovery expert. 3 summers with DR. Hall, Dalonegha, ga. -gold room operator. 11 years with Placer Recovery, Inc. Brighton, co. Past vice pres. of eureka treasure hunters, Denver, co. and Prospectors of the Rockies. too much so just say recovered over 10,000 ounces gold...so far.
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    mountain mama
    mountain mama
    Do you search for lost treasures or just random gold?
    Put me on your location and can find WHATEVER is in ground up to 10 feet deep be it placers or treasure or lost keys. Average placer operation only spend 2 hours to determine sluice changes, vehicle paths, structure modifications, water and pump requirements etc. Never found random gold...can always predict where it is from either stream bed locations to benches, dry wash rain totals and so forth.
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