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  1. ADS Deepseeker

    i have a 15 inch vlf coil for the deepseeker, interested????
  2. Z

    use to live in catawissa, was the founder of the indianhead campgrounds treasure hunt back in...

    use to live in catawissa, was the founder of the indianhead campgrounds treasure hunt back in the 80's detected with a guy from sherwin williams think it was jim keller. also susquehanna search and recovery team.
  3. AT Pro finally strikes first silver!!!

    that will be the first of many using the atpro HH
  4. AT Pro...personal experiences...what are yours?

    I have found more quality items than ever since purchasing my at-pro i have found 6 large cents,few Indians, 2 British 1/2 cents civil war buttons and lots of flat colonial buttons. this has all been within the last 2 months. prior to this the only old coins were some Indians. I love this...
  5. musketball with markings????

    Re: musketball with markings???? better pict maybe this may be a better picture
  6. musketball with markings????

    found this musketball which appears to have a pattern on it. maybe i'm just seeing things, but thought i would ask. was found on a site about 200 yards from a fort that was destroyed in 1753 by the french and indians. the killed most of the settlers and took some as captives to the pittsburg...
  7. storage unit find

    Any of the old timers remember the white's model V GEB hip mount unit. hottest thing in the market. ( dont they all say that) it sure found metal. if u used this unit pass on some of ur stories good and bad.
  8. AT Pro Tone and readings

    found 5 lagre this past month and all were a solid 80-81.
  9. An hour at a friends house

    Re: An hour at a friend's house any day detecting in a good day, right
  10. green lock, any help out there

    [b]found this old lock in a cornfield about 200 yards off the old PRR main line. this lock has RR on both side, mint cond no key of course. help with ID
  11. Post your locks!!!!

    RR LOCK FOUND THIS WEEK found this past week in a soybean field about 200 yards from the old PRR mail line. lock looks the same on both sides
  12. 1st posting

    have done some research and found the area of a mid 1800 farm, have found 5 lagre cents on this site many button and plenty of junk. just found this old lock. found in a corn field about 2oo yards from the old PRR mail line. lock is in great condition, just all green. RR is located on both...
  13. Third ring this week with my AT Pro!

    The AT PRO is making detecting fun again.