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  1. ✅ SOLVED Old Pepsi-Cola sign

    maybe a door push or the end of a crate....
  2. CTH 5 2012 Please post on this thread. October 5th, 6th. & 7th.

    Cannot the tent for the one for Kurt and Aprils kids...Marks bringing the Rum...Gregs downloading me a tape so i can sing to him all the way there...rofl and Bob is bringing the bug spray...yeehaw....guess my hanging wires didnt work to well on keeping varmits out of my...
  3. CTH 5 2012 Please post on this thread. October 5th, 6th. & 7th.

    I raised that alligator from birth to protect my creek in Caldwell...its just doing its job patrolling the streets for potential squatters and claim jumpers....and Stan..."Her" name is Fluffy and she likes cheeken and walking Liberties...feed her well....
  4. 1800s Homesites Question (no its not a map question)

    The poster hasnt said where the house was on the area ,if it was built with no cellar...look for the foundation corner stones...fireplace stone or bricks...outhouse was usually on an edge of hill or slope for drainage purposes if land was too rocky to...
  5. CTH 5 2012 Please post on this thread. October 5th, 6th. & 7th.

    Listen Pal....I have the snake free zone part of the creek....just saying.....
  6. CTH 5 2012 Please post on this thread. October 5th, 6th. & 7th.

    Am patiently waiting for October. Cannot wait to see you all...The Wire Road Bandits(Greg,Mark and Bob) will be arriving at my place Wednesday or Tuesday and we will be heading out on Thursday morning....I am planting my flag early on the
  7. Gypsy Heart

    Gypsy Heart

  8. Try this

    Not sure on the "W"...but the IOSA could be International Oil Scouts Association...founded in 1924
  9. Help on this one A couple better pics

    Re: Help on this one I am pretty sure it is a protection token...using the archangels as a call for help when needed
  10. First National Bank Robbery , Bowie Texas 1894

    here is an interesting article that pertains to the above story....might be why they call them treasure legends....
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY gregd573 (56)

    Happy Birthday ....Hope all your birthday wishes come true and you get your suit back from the cleaners.... :P
  12. Missing ...Three bandits

    Lucky Me...I have three dollars!!!
  13. Missing ...Three bandits

    Last seen on the Old Wire Road...LOL...RJMC..Watercolor...greg573
  14. Davenport Ohio detecting club?

    Is there a club near davenport...have a guy from Tnet looking for one for over Thanksgiving.....
  15. Milo Treasure

    I am not exacty sure...but I think it has to do with something from Custers last know how things change over the years on locations.....but I know the treasure is suppose to be in Milo,OK....Milo is a rural community located in Carter County, Oklahoma, on State Highway 53 south of...
  16. Some type of pin

    Maybe that Hallmark says ...DANTE
  17. What is it?

    It looks like a shaft eye from a buggy or carriage
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Digginman (54)

    Happy Birthday!!! :D :hello2:
  19. Bexley, Victoria County, Ontario Canada

    Just to make a fact clear...I, in no shape or form condone grave robbing...totally bad karma...I posted this for historical interest only...with hopes that outside the burial grounds that treasure may be fou8nd