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  1. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION 30.6 g enameled 14k and ice hip hop pendant by "uverly"

    Okay then. Pull off the diamonds and melt that puppy down.
  2. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION 30.6 g enameled 14k and ice hip hop pendant by "uverly"

    I am wondering who this “Youngest CEO” is.
  3. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION 30.6 g enameled 14k and ice hip hop pendant by "uverly"

    I would make a bet that big pendant was hanging off of a very fat gold chain. Maybe that chain is still waiting for you.
  4. First Lake Hunt with the Legend

    I took my Tiger Shark to the same lake a couple days later. I found a couple nickels, and a penny that had clearly been there a while and were in the same area I had gone over with the Legend and missed. Unfortunately this was the Tiger Sharks last hunt. It had been in for service a year...
  5. Is this 14k gold

    Did you test it with a magnet?
  6. First Lake Hunt with the Legend

    Havent heard of any drowning. My control box was under water and was fine.
  7. First Lake Hunt with the Legend

    No wave action at all.
  8. First Lake Hunt with the Legend

    That is a better size for me.
  9. First Lake Hunt with the Legend

    I has the Legend out for its first lake hunt this afternoon and I have to say I was less than impressed. It was nice to be able to distinguish iron targets but swinging the large coil through the water wasn’t pleasant. It felt too big, off balanced, just didn’t move through the water easily...
  10. Is this 14k gold

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes with 14k stamps on them. A quick and dirty test that will tell you if It’s definitely NOT gold is to hold it next to a strong magnet. It it sticks or is attracted to the magnet at all it’s not gold. But even if it isn’t magnetic at all you still want...
  11. TI sat morning gold

    Ever have it go the other way? My avatar ring is so thin and light, with edges so sharp they just about cut you. It looked and felt like one of those aluminum bubblegum machine rings you find by the dozens in the water. It wasn’t until I cleaned out my pouch a few hunts later that I looked at...
  12. TI sat morning gold

    That’s a nice fancy one. What karat is the gold?
  13. How do you swing a coil?

    I have had situation with someone I thought was a friend as well. I had found a man’s ring and an engagement ring together in the sand before I had to leave and mentioned to this “friend” that I was going back in a short while to recheck for the woman’s wedding band. Returns fairly quickly...
  14. How do you swing a coil?

    I move as I swing and stay as low as I can without scrubbing the ground. But I have to tell the story of the guy whose swing just about had me rolling on the ground. I was watching him from across the beach when he started detecting and he obviously a newbee, swinging his detector way too...
  15. How Old Do You Think This Out House Is?

    I grew up with a two seater and us kids loved it. Outhouses were scary places not only full of bugs but also with these enormous holes that a little kid could just about fall through. So when you used the two holer you held hands with your buddy while you went so that if someone started to...
  16. For the older generations.

    Congrats on your new home and hopefully a less stressful life.
  17. For the older generations.

    It’s when you do the roll down gesture that they look at you a little funny.
  18. For the older generations.

    Seriously, those wing windows were perfect for folks breaking into your vehicle. I had a 64 impala, stole once, broken into three other times.
  19. For the older generations.

    I don’t know. I raise and lower my windows and celebrate the fact that I don’t need to roll them up or down.