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  1. A few hours...a few great finds!

    nice work!!! Really nice SLQ
  2. RI State Seal Anchor Button - Civil War era?

    I found the same button in a hay field in uxbridge mass, mine is smooshed but you can still make it out. I would say yours is civil war era. I’ll post a picture if I can find it. found it, I think you can make them out, if not I’ll dig it out of my stacks of rusting corroded stuff in my house...
  3. 3-Cent Piece (Trime)

    One of my favorite coins to find. I’ve found three in 2019,2020 and 2021 but I can’t for the life of me find a 2 cent piece or a half dime
  4. Any information about this piece will be appreciated. Found about 5 inches deep in Eastern Pa. I believe there may be more than one cross on the back

    Yup, find a lot here, older ones are usually sterling or copper, newer ones are aluminum , pictured are 2 sterling examples dug at my beach this summer. Nice digs
  5. Today was a decent day for digging.

    Nice finds!!! Barber quarter is always a great day
  6. Big Surprise in the Cow Pasture!

    Nice job!! Dig it all!!!!!
  7. Stubble Hunting - Hammered + Extremely Rare CELTIC TIT COIN...

    Nice job Cru!! You finds always amaze me
  8. the point

    Nice job on the silver. If you’re diggin nickels you’re gonna dig gold!!!!!!
  9. A quick Friday swing!

    Love that peacock button, well done!!
  10. 💥👀Big silver coin 27 grms pure silver 💥

    Dang!! That’s a big-un, congrats
  11. Well first real find, can’t find info on it

    Nice!! Keep at it
  12. Copper, Brass, and Silver at an old house site

    Great hunt, looks like it kept you very busy!!!!!!
  13. Saved some Relics from being entombed in a parking lot

    Love finding shot coins, especially silver. I think to date I have a shot walking liberty half, 2 wheaties and a IHP. nice digs
  14. 1796 Largie thru 1964 Rosie in old but littered spot

    Nice old American copper!! I think oldest identifiable draped bust is 1798 which is a pretty common date and as dumb as it sounds, I like that Ike token. Great job!!!!!!!
  15. Labor Day Love Token & Relic Hunt

    Nice work!!!!!!! Love token is still on my list
  16. Our Labor day hunt! Huge silver!

    I think it’s safe to say that spot looks un-detected, the clad looks like a day in the dry sand at a beach!! Great job!
  17. Tonight’s search for treasure!

    Very nice hunt!! I’m always very interested to see what pops out in the UK, so much history
  18. New Roman Site Discovered - Day 2 - 2 Hammered & 1 Roman Silver...

    Very nice Cru!!! I’d love to see some pics of your entire collection
  19. Another unusual backyard find

    Maybe post this with the rock guys on the site, they’re really good!!
  20. 💥Variety of detecting Pics💥

    Awesome finds!!!! The chicken and peppers looks really good!!! Looks like a great place to hunt!!