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  1. Help with Arrowhead ID

    Is it translucent if you hold it up to a light?
  2. Wyoming find

    What is the cross section like?
  3. Did I find a kettle point??

    Just for clarity, the term pot metal is usually that lead/zinc low melting point metal that cheap cast toys were made from in the 1900's. (Cowboys, Soldiers, cars, cap guns, etc.) It'll make a great musket ball, but it's too soft to be of much use as a thin point. The metal trade pots were...
  4. Did I find a kettle point??

    I've never heard the term kettle point before either.
  5. Did I find a kettle point??

    A handful of points that were cut from thin brass pots from the Dakotas.
  6. Is this guy reputable?

    I've known Larry for the better part of 30 years, I've always found him to be a stand up, honest fellow. Without pictures, that's about as much as I can say about the steel point.
  7. Clovis?! Mammoth?!

    The fossils are awesome. The point is an oldie, but I'm seeing more of a late Paleo or early Archaic lance point with some some use wear damage than a Clovis. The last picture of the point at an angle show an impact fracture that was repaired, and then a repair at the base as well. That point...
  8. Hardin

    Nice looking point, knobbed Hardin is my guess as well.
  9. A few Owensboro Relic Show images

    I miss going to that show. It always had a good turnout from Indiana.
  10. bucket lister (for me)

    Very cool, and thank you for including the article, I had never heard of them before.
  11. Ice

    Another one of my favorite frames!
  12. Favorite Case

    Also one of my favorite cases!
  13. Mission Period Pottery

    Great post, I learned quite a bit!
  14. The Hartley Site

    The article is a great read. A couple of really "sciency" paragraphs focused on the chemistry, but most of it is very readable.
  15. Nueva Cadiz

    Awesome stuff. I've found some of them near Cubagua, but that style is much more common in Peru than in Venezuela.
  16. Copper pot ceremonial offering ancient tribes in Texas

    This is really the only thing that will clarify the ceremonialiosity of this piece.
  17. Another curious piece from the garden

    That piece is odd. I see workmanship, obviously not a fine artifact but it looks like someone tried to squeeze some usefulness out of a nice lithic. I think what Older the Better sees is pretty accurate, and that odd angle attack that looks odd is what you often get when they had to use pretty...
  18. Giants

    It's interesting that almost every culture has a history or story about giants. And tall people were wildly popular circus attractions well into the early 1900's. Even today, it's something that just captures peoples attention and we have TV, internet, etc. I think that "mental stickiness"...
  19. Phoenix Area Clovis

    It's a neat piece, it looks old like a couple of people have mentioned, but I see nothing that stands out as Clovis. There are a lot of archaeologists whose knowledge of broad areas of archaeology is limited to what they saw in introductory classes during undergrad, 20+ years ago. (Paleo...
  20. Thinking holland

    Where was it found?