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  1. Seeing American flags at 1/2 staff today.

    Register at this site and you will be notified when to lower your flags.
  2. New camera

    I'm a Canon fan. Stay with one brand so that if you ever upgrade you don't have to get a bunch of new lenses. (This may change in the future so this is just a general statement.) I've gotten new models but just had to buy the body since I already had a bunch of lenses. Thinking about getting the...
  3. New camera

    It even has "white privilege" (priority). :tongue3:
  4. Gold. What's your reaction???

    Not surprised AT got banned.
  5. Any updates ?

    You are two years late to the party.
  6. I guess I'm getting old.

    Flexible Flyers!
  7. Any good letters for getting permissions or anyone have a liability waiver they could share.
  8. What Alcoholic Beverage Got You So Sick, You NEVER Drank it Again?

    Tekillya, New Year's eve with a couple of Canadians down in Baja Mexico.
  10. Detecting in Washington State Parks

    That form you just slip it the slot for where you put the pay envelope for camping.
  11. Anybody Going to Red Dirt?
  12. Ohio detecting , specifically (Trumbull County)

    Maybe post this in the OH thread?
  13. Anyone Metal Detecting Lake Meade ? ? ? is it even allowed ? ? ?

    Simple it's a national park. No.
  14. Metal Detectors are being sold on Ebay with implied brand Names.

    Not just detectors, there are thousands of knock offs on ebay and all over the place. There was a drone that I almost bought but fortunately I went on youtube for reviews. The company was using the marketing video of a drone that cost a few thousand dollars to sell their $100 version.
  15. Lake Meade, how come nobody cares

    Here's why we can't bring it from the East:
  16. Ethics Question ?

    What is the ring worth? Is she willing to spend $200 for a hundred-dollar ring? Or is it a $5K heirloom, then maybe a 25% finders fee? Don't forget lead tire balance weights that will ring up as gold.
  17. Gas Prices near you

    Dropped down to $4 today in Lawton, OK. Get the gasbuddy app and save .05 per gallon at most stations.
  18. Uvalde, Tejas

    I'm here for treasure hunting, there are many more forums for this type of topic. This isn't the one for it. We may have some strong feelings about this which I understand, but this thread should be closed.