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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Company?

    I don’t know, maybe a foot in length? Found in Washington State. Surely it some sort of harvesting implement. Googled the embossing and came up zero.
  2. VR Tour of Rome Virtual Reality Bus Tour
  3. Basalt Core?

    I’ve found similar shaped and size cores of chert in this area as well as thin flakes of basalt. I picked this up thinking it might be a basalt core. Any thoughts? Found in Far Northern California near NA occupation area. Flakes found like this one..not sure if these were used for something or...
  4. Carbon Steel of the Stone Age?

    Interested to learn anything folks are willing to offer on this thread. I was going to title it Adze vs. Axe, but I hope that topic gets discussed anyway. This is something that was passed down from an old farmer in Northern California to someone, then someone, then someone. To be continued. I...
  5. Salvaged Broke

    Something tells me someone salvaged a broke projectile into a triangle point here. I may have picked this one up once and tossed it thinking it was just broke point. Closer inspection shows the base might be reworked. What do you think? The profile is humped. Doesn’t seem like it would make a...
  6. Little Pick Me Up

    A little play on its 12 o clock somewhere….It’s gold mining season somewhere.
  7. Little Pick Me Up

    A little play on its 12 o clock somewhere….It’s gold mining season somewhere.
  8. Professionals When will this end? There is such respect for Native American graves, yet around the world “professionals” eagerly dig up corpses and revel at how preserved their body is. SHAME. 800 years is nothing!
  9. REMEMBER 9/11

    Although it was and is disturbing and emotional, I would suggest watching a 9/11 documentary today. It really puts current affairs in perspective. I?m left sad and angry. This is something we should never forget. Please leave politics out of this thread. Difficult to do I know.
  10. Question for North Eastern Folks

    What?s the story behind this farming practice? It appears very precise areas are not being farmed. Looks to be a real pain. I see it?s wide spread in that area.
  11. Talking on the Phone

    and looked down. Northern California. Core struck chert blade? Anyone see anything different? Could it be a core struck scraper instead? The angle of the working edge is awe fully steep. “Feels” a little older. Kind of has some weathering. I accept all forms of free education.
  12. Any experienced bee keeps here?

    Just started with a fresh swarm…looking to chat a little bit if anyone is into bees and honey.
  13. Mano/Metate

    Here is my recent find…the mano. It was found within feet of the metate, which was found a year earlier and apparently saw little use. I’m not sure if they are a pair or not. The mano was dug out by family pets recently, which was convenient. Unfortunately it bears scars from heavy equipment...
  14. Obsidian

    Any idea on this other than perhaps a utilized flake No flaking on either face, but it has something odd going on at the base. Sorry about the crappy photos. Is it just coincidence that this is kind of shaped like it was hafted at some point? I dropped it twice resulting in a ding.
  15. Never let a good thing go to waste.

    Not long ago I would have passed this up as the tip of a broken arrowhead. Now I look closer. It IS the tip of a broken arrowhead that was fixed up to be used as a triangle point. Recycle / Re-Use. Seems nothing is bigger than a nickel around here. Gotta have a good eye or have the light...
  16. Don’t let a good thing go to waste.

    Far Northern CA. Scraper...graver...micro blade....multi-tool...recycled projectile? Tip of a larger tool? Almost looks like the tip was sharpened “recently”. Anybody care to school me? Otherwise just enjoy looking.
  17. Basalt Plug

    Was walking past a squirrel hole I had plugged shut with a rock that was laying around handy. Picked up the rock and dang if it doesn’t look like a few flakes have been whacked off it in a few places. I do find basalt flakes in this area. Might not show up very well, but it’s been struck on...
  18. Gastrolith?

    Found this just below a camp area while I was blowing leaves. It’s out of place for this area. I really can’t see any signs of obvious wear. It does have a dimple on one side (which I dried off for the photo)...but I think it’s likely just a unique rock that was packed in. Opinions? It kind...
  19. Uniface

    Again not my find...
  20. Take a

    Look? Got a peek at someone else’s finds from 70 years ago. Again Far Northern California. Gotta be careful handling this one. It’s sharp as can be. What would it be called? It’s about 1/2” thick.