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  1. One of my favorite finds

    We have access to a very remote, hard to get to spot here in central Massachusetts. The spot has stone lined roads, old fields that are now forrest and several cellar holes. We’ve been beating the cellar holes up for years so we just roam the fields. We were in there one day not finding much and...
  2. First for me

    So me and my buddy went to my favorite beach to detect this fine holiday weekend, the place was packed but my “ secret spot” is rocky so we did our thing. Anyway, first off we didn’t find much, lots of clad and the usual beach debris when all of a sudden, out of nowhere and without warning I get...
  3. Low tide

    Got up early to hit low tide at the beach where I pulled up a few silver coins a few weeks ago, I only had about three hours to hunt but the beach sensitive program on my Deus 2 was killing it. I found a ‘53 Rosie , ‘42 merc, ‘63 Washington , a sterling cross , a 14k wedding band and 4 wheaties...
  4. Killer beach week

    Been on vacation and all the sand has been pulled off my part of the beach. I pulled a 10k 1964 HS class ring, a gold signet ring ( not sure of the karat) 2 wheaties, a ’53 Rosie, a merc , a 20” italian sterling chain and about $15 in clad plus other doodads and stuff
  5. Last chance

    Me and a friend got contacted through our “in” with a local historical society about a 50 acre piece of farmland being subdivided next month. I could only spend a few hours there because it’s Mother’s Day and I have to cook and I’m just getting over my third bout of Covid 19, anyway, in my three...
  6. Ugly but silver

    Got a hot tip on a long forgotten home site, couldn’t find it so we just detected old woods and found a little of everything including my first shot silver coin. HH
  7. Cold harbor wrap up

    Here are the finds from all three of us. Day 2 was very slow but we got into the yankee lines day three and hit a colonial spot day 4. Thanks for lookin’
  8. Day one in Cold Harbor

    Out with the boys in Virginia, found 2 confederate and 8 yankee bullets, a J-hook and 2 lead nipple protectors. Had a blast!!
  9. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Good deed for a veteran

    I was contacted through one of my clubs to assist a gentleman( mike)to find a medallion he had lost. When I met up with him, he told me a very moving story of how it became lost. In March of 1970 his brother was doing his second combat tour in Vietnam, him and his platoon had just cleared a...
  10. Me and the boys

    Photos of our last club hunt, me in the water, and me and my tectin’ buddies fast Eddy and half dime Brian
  11. Deus 2 in heavy iron

    Went to on of our giant hay fields that have big patches of very heavy iron with my new Deus 2. After playing around with the reactivity, the targets started to pop a little. I found a 1802 draped bust cent about 10” down, scratchy 88-90 signal and up with it came 6-8 tiny iron nails, second I...
  12. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Green brass thingie

    Took my Deus 2 out for its first hunt and found this thingies in the yard of a 1850’s -60’s cellar hole. It was about 10” down, the ball is ( was till I cleaned it) a swivel mechanism that plunged the metal bar down. We were thinking bottle stop but I couldn’t find anything even close on my...
  13. Out with the boys

    Me and two of my buddies got out for probably the last field hunt of the year. We’ve been to this permission a few times and it always coughs up something. Today the ground was frozen 2” down but it was manageable with a few good kicks. We believe this spot to be a muster field for local militia...
  14. Tied my oldest coin

    We have back to back colonial farm permissions we’ve been hitting for the past few years. We’ve pulled a lot of British colonial coins, counterfeit British and tons of buttons. We wondered up there yesterday, my buddy pulled up a Massachusetts copper and a matron and I pulled up a first year...
  15. New permission in central Massachusetts

    Got out with a buddy of mine to do the other half of a permission we got this past spring. We couldn’t get to it because we couldn’t get together in time before the hay got too high so we had to wait until it got cut and today was the day. My buddy pulled up 2 beautiful coppers ( KGI and KGII)...
  16. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any guess?

    Size of a half dollar, solid 19 on the Nox and it’s been shot twice ( I found the slugs ) it’s made of pewter/ pot metal. Found on a property dating back into the 1760’s. I think it may have been a medallion and it’s definitely not old but I couldn’t find anything on the the internet. your guess’s
  17. Can’t find silver with my Deus

    I got a Deus right before the pandemic crap ended and haven’t been able to find much with it so I decided to go to a old spot I have and see if I could find anything silver. After about 2 hours of shotgun head stamps and garbage I was headed out of the woods, I got a loud beer canish signal but...
  18. Cool or crud

    Long shot, I see a 5 on this button but it?s probably well placed crud. What do you see? Found in a very very old spot in central Massachusetts
  19. Quick hunt at my new spot

    I thought I?d out smart Mother Nature and use my sniper coil in the Kudzu vines??..didn?t work, she won. Anyway, I did grab another keeper, a 1924 SLQ, I?ll take it AND I?m going back with a machete and gasoline lol
  20. Forced hunt

    Got out in a new area today, nothing crazy but I found stuff. Anyway, on my way out I found a large over grown cellar hole that I?ll be saving for fall. Happy hunting