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  1. Camp Nichols, OK
  2. Picher, OK,_Oklahoma
  3. BT Adapter

    I attached a BT adapter to my T2 detector so I could use my cell phone ear buds. $20 plus $6 for the 1/4 TO 1/8th inch adapter.
  4. Picher, OK

    Anybody been here?,_Oklahoma
  5. War trophy from George Washington’s army discovered amid British shipwreck
  6. 1715 Treasure Fleet Silver
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Fort Bliss/El Paso Buttons

    OK so I found a couple of buttons on Fort Bliss/El Paso, TX a while back. I think the plain button is from a uniform from 1800's It was near some old barracks on post.
  8. Anybody Going to Red Dirt?

    Bo's Extravaganza: On The Road @ Red Dirt Treasure Shootout Festival Southeast Expo Center in Pittsburg County Fairground June 3, 2022 9:00 AM - June 5, 2022 5:00 PM...
  9. Magnet Fishing in OK.

    I know there is a separate thread for MFishing, just wondering if anybody is doing it here in OK? Thinking about getting an MF kit. Most of the stuff they drag up is shit, but they do find some interesting stuff on occasion. Just check out youtube, and lots of time they are providing a community...
  10. Lots of MF videos on I may add this hobby to my MD'ng.
  11. Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt will take place in 2023

    We are pleased to announce that the next Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt will take place in 2023. It will be bigger and better than ever, with more prizes, more treasures to discover, and room for many more hunters! In the coming year, you can expect to see more announcements and details about...
  12. Israeli archaeologists find Roman, medieval treasures.
  13. S.S. Central America, known as the Ship of Gold " Treasure hunter who refused to disclose location of shipwreck’s 500 coins marks 6th year in jail"
  14. Diamonds and jewelry worth $2 million

    "KAZAN, Russia (Zenger News) — Diamonds and jewelry worth $2 million stolen during the FIFA World Cup in 2018 has been recovered after the thief was tracked down in Argentina and confessed to the crime." VIDEO: $2 million in gems found buried in scrubland 3 years after heist | KOMO (
  15. Anybody buying CRYPTO like DOGE Coin?

    I have $380 in doge, and right now it's worth about $710 up about 83%.
  16. Couple hides $20K somewhere in Maine for a treasure hunter to find.

    Couple hides $20K somewhere in Maine for a treasure hunter to find | KOMO (
  17. Wreck emerging from sand in NC.
  18. $10,000 "Z" whim became part of a search for treasure known as The Great U.S. Treasure Hunt, which has people across the country trying to decipher clues to find four hidden items that will get them $10,000...
  19. SS America
  20. Identity of Fenn Treasure Anounced