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  1. Interpreter

    Long ago here in Texas, a Mexican came across the border, and robbed a bank. They caught him quickly, but there was no money on him. Where was the money hidden? The Bandit spoke no English, so the Sheriff called for an interpreter. "Ask him if he admits robbing the bank". Yes, the interpreter...
  2. Kiss Me In The Dark

    Will be going to hear Randy Rogers at the Freer Rattlesnake Roundup. :headbang:
  3. Look alike

    Try and tell them apart, and see if you can spot the look alike. If you guessed the one on the right, kudos to you, good guess. I drew in the fake mustache with invisible ink on the look alike of the invisible man.
  4. Texas Gold Question

    There is a place where an oil drilling rig went through solid gold. After drilling 3000 feet, for some reason the bit needed inspecting. When they were coming out of the hole, a friend of mine who was working the floor along with another man, stopped the driller to examine some glitter that had...
  5. What do you do with Holy treasure?

    What do you do if you come across old stolen church treasure, such as gold or silver statues? Maybe a large gold gem studded cross? How can Holy artifacts be kept or sold without remorse? I believe I would return them to their nearest church.
  6. Trying to estimate value of lost treasures

    Hell O Treasure Lovers, In trying to estimate the value of lost treasure, does one just go buy the current price of gold or silver when it concerns bars? I understand not all old bars are refined the same, but are old bars from lost treasure legends worth more than their melt value? Thanks...