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  1. 💥💥💥Best configuration for go deeper Equinox 💥

    I have a friend who owns about 70acres in central Virginia who let me detect it summer of 2021. I didn’t stray into the woods because the general consensus was that the copperheads were abundant. I stayed in the open, no snake chaps.
  2. 1st half bag in a while - 1952 Franklin showing!!!

    Ok, I was hoping to ask my bank for a bag of coins, but I guess that’s out. In regards to $500 boxes of halves, I have been skunked for the year until I ordered a box from my new bank. No silver, but the box was full of uncirculated 2022 halves, of which they didn’t mint that many and apparently...
  3. 1st half bag in a while - 1952 Franklin showing!!!

    So I can go to my local grocery store and ask the manager if I can buy a bag from the coinstar, pick out what I want, then roll the rest and deposit back in my bank account?
  4. Charging the battery.

    What charger is used probably has some affect, what do you use coda?
  5. 1st half bag in a while - 1952 Franklin showing!!!

    So does the bank bag them or do customers bring them in bagged?
  6. Wallyworld

    Clad dime and penny yesterday, no pic necessary
  7. 1526 fleet

    Wonder how much that part of the coast has changed since the 1500’s. Good article.
  8. Great Coinstar Haul Makes Up for Poor Roll Hunting

    Same for me today. I checked the reject tray, then ran my hand down the inside of the dump bin, still nothing. Then I noticed on the right hand downward slope of the dumper there were three coins barely sticking out. Used my credit card to carefully slide them back up. Got two clad dimes and a...
  9. Treasure Legend - Silver Bars - Florida - Bahamas

    I knewJeff (RIP), he had a tree trimming business. His dad Pete, installed our sewage treatment plants and underground lines.
  10. Treasure Legend - Silver Bars - Florida - Bahamas

    Hmmm, was that Skip?
  11. Treasure Legend - Silver Bars - Florida - Bahamas

    Great video and story, thx for sharing Bart!
  12. Half shortage, hmmm

    I ordered and picked up a box of halves from my new bank last week, the box was full of unc 2022
  13. Coinstar gives up an interesting assortment of coins

    Hit Wallyworld coinstar today, 60cents in clad, not worth a pic
  14. New Box of Halves

    Curiosity will probably win and I will check the rolls. Wear my coin gloves and re-roll each set as I go.
  15. New Box of Halves

    So I unwrapped one roll and as can be seen in the pic, all new P mint and apparently uncirculated. Question, any chance the mint would have mixed proof coins in with these? Thx in advance for any input.
  16. 🥇 BANNER Seminole War Fort Awesome Coin

    Great find! Love those large 8 reales, I have an 1889. Did not dig it, handed down from family. Keep diggin that site!
  17. New Box of Halves

    I think as of now I will keep the box, and open 3 or 4 rolls. Since I am east of the Mississippi, I suspect they will all be Philly. The Enders that are showing are all Philly. Thx for your sage advice arc.