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  1. Rock and Fiberglass! Don't mix

    Not everyone should be able to buy a boat! Photo taken at Clinton IA. N
  2. Pilothouse view of Red Wing Mn.

    Sometimes I'm happy to make it through this section of river on a week day!!!!
  3. Last hunt before planting fields!

    NsGot in a last hunt before farmer was to plant corn! Large Lincoln piece was a surface find! Other coins were 2 crispy wheats and a V nickle , watch winding key and military button
  4. ✅ SOLVED Button ?

    A friend of mine sent this to me trying to figure out if this is some kind of a button or exactly what it is ! It's about the size of a US quarter, anyone ever find or seen one?
  5. Hit the old general store site with Deus 2

    Tried out my new Deus 2 on the old General store site that I've hunted with my Teknetics 2 for the last 4 or 5 years , no silver this time but I did good on coppers 2 Indians⁷ 1893 and 1906 also recovered 7 early Wheaties! ❤️ this machine so far!
  6. ✅ SOLVED Need help IDing brass item!

    Found this at an old home site I was searching , it's made of solid brass and looked to have had traces of red paint on it!
  7. Driving gravel roads found 2 flying eagle cents

    Came upon a old home site while driving back roads , tracked down owner of property to seek permission, he said there was never a house located there! Someone had dumped their trash there years ago, two flying eagles !
  8. 1st silver with new Deus 2

    Recieved a new permission to hunt a old home site with my new Deus 2 and was over joyed with my very first silver find! 1801 2 Reale
  9. North bound on Upper Miss

    Headed up to Winona Mn. Been piloting boats for over 40 years and looking to retire next year! I'll sure miss the sun rises and sun sets!
  10. Killer Capped Bust dime

    Found her a few months ago! Farm field find, I was amazed at it condition after being in the ground for 189 years!
  11. Nehi soda tray

    Came across this Nehi soda tray at an estate sale yesterday and have found out very little on its value! Anyone out there know what it may be valued at?
  12. A few of my best silver finds !!!

    Here are some of my better silver finds from Illinois! Yes there is Spanish to be found in the Midwest !
  13. Hit the old country store site SILVER!

    Got a couple of hours in walking where at one time a small town country store stood, from my research it burnt to the ground around 1940 , this place has never failed me over the years! I've recovered around 20 to 25 silver coins , even a couple of seated dimes , today it was 3 Barber dimes...
  14. First silver of 2022/ 1810 half dollar

    Just got home from my hitch on the boat and had a chance to get a quick hunt in close to home, I've pounded this old home site several times over the years and found only 1 silver a 1912 barber dime and a few Indian and wheat pennies, couldn't believe it when this came out of the ground! Just...
  15. Old man River

    Bluff below lock 25 Upper Mississippi River
  16. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Cut coin or broken , need help identifying

    Copper that was recovered at a Encampment just up the road from my home , I have recovered several Civil War buttons, bullets and a Volunteer Infantry badge from this site! In my research I'm leaning towards Mexican coin? A positive identification would be appreciated.
  17. Illinois bird points

    A few of my Illinois bird points that are personal finds of mine, all the farmers in my area have went to no till farming so I kinda gave up on arrowhead hunting and now metal detecting old home sites! The pottery piece in the center was recovered from a Mississippian site
  18. I love finding buttons! Here are a few keepers I've recovered in SW Illinois

    My favorite thing to find are early buttons, I will spend a considerable amount of time researching them not only the button itself but also who occupied the recovery site .
  19. Wade and Butcher switch blade Whats it worth?

    Having trouble finding anything matching the Wade and Butcher knife any one every seen one before? came across it at an estate sale a few months ago
  20. 1844 o half dime, 2nd regiment button

    Last hunt of 2021! Wish the 1844o half dime would have been in better shape, my first 2nd regiment button!