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  1. Wallyworld

    Clad dime and penny yesterday, no pic necessary
  2. New Box of Halves

    Picked up a box of halves today for the first time from my new bank. When I opened it up every ender was what appears to be an uncirculated 2022. Looks like I received a box of new halves. Question, is it worth it to go thru all of these rolls. Thx for any help, Steve
  3. So There I Was

    I have been skunked for over a month checking Coinstars. So there I was at McDonalds after dropping my wife off at the airport, getting a coke and noticed a Food Lion behind it. So I wandered over to the Food Lion Coinstar, couldn’t see any coins, so I reached in anyway, dragged my fingers...
  4. Pirate Gold of Adam Island

    New series starting today on Netflix
  5. Ingles Grocery

    Moved to Asheville a week ago, they have coinstars. Stopped by today:
  6. Wally World Strikes Again

    No Pennie’s for once, but included a 1947 rosie, rest clad with a Guatemalan 10 centavos
  7. ❎ SOLD Treasure Book for Sale

    Treasure Guide to the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, by Tony Jaggers. Signed by Tony, #709. Make offer
  8. “A Shipwreck Guide to the Bahamas” for sale

    Had this for many years, never really used it. For sale locally on Treasure Coast, no shipping. Number 709, signed by Tony Jaggers, Best offer. Thx, Steve
  9. 800 vs Nokta Legend

    Anyone have both detectors, how do they match up. Thx, Steve
  10. Online Coin Values

    What is the best online source for coin values?
  11. 1976 $2 Bill

    Been on Treasure net for many years but never posted in paper currency forum. Here is a front and back pic of what appears to be an uncirculated $2 bill that was mailed, I think. Any thoughts out there as to why someone would mail a bill? Thx, Steve
  12. Score!

    Daughter went to her local Publix, checked the conversion machine, and here is what she found:
  13. Proof or Uncirculated Coins

    I am thinking about getting for Xmas for each of my granddaughters a proof or uncirculated coin from their birth year. What would be a reliable source for these coins? Thx, Steve
  14. When/Where to Use 4khz

    When and/or where is it best to use 4khz, struggling with this one. Any input is appreciated
  15. 1971 Kennedy Oddity

    Bought a box of halves from my bank, no keepers, but this odd struck Kennedy with marks around the age between numbers and letters. Anyone seen this before?
  16. Dimes and Pennies

    Bought a box of dimes and pennies last week. Filled a few holes in my album with dimes, no mercs. Got ten wheats and about 150 pre 1980 memorials in the penny box
  17. Franklin

    Got a box of mrh’s from my bank, filled in a few spots in my album with clads, found one Franklin, 1952.
  18. Treasure Hunters Neede-Huh?
  19. Publix

    Stopped by publix 4 days in a row. Today, the 4th day, got lucky, but nothing of value:
  20. Bryson City, NC Visit

    Hey folks, Staying the week in a cabin in the Bryson City area. Brought my EQ800 with me. Any areas available to detect in this area? Thx for any help, Steve