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  1. 🥇 BANNER Stunning Marked Napoleonic Era British Volunteer Corps Cross Belt Plate!!!

    Having that on your permanent recall will forever help you combat the bad days because you know how fast things can change.

    Yep, that's a Farthing.
  3. Revolutionary War Buttons

    Great finds!
  4. King George II: Is he young or old?

    You got it. Young head for sure.
  5. Little League World Series

    I watched a few games on youtube. Not sure what planet Hawaii is from!
  6. ✅ SOLVED Lion over anchor gilt button

    I've never seen anyone argue that lion design as being East India company, and have never seen it called anything else. That style of gilt button having an anchor and lined field is what a British Royal Navy button from the Victorian era looks like. I think it dates around mid. 1800s...
  7. ✅ SOLVED Lion over anchor gilt button

    It's British East India Company... Navy I would assume.
  8. American & British coppers, Old Silver, 18th century buttons... an incredible hunt!

    Good hunt but your copper is not a George III, it's a Machin's Mills.
  9. Lead button I'd?

    Unfortunately it's a modern reproduction. Post some better pics of the front and back but pretty sure it won't change anything.
  10. Found this button today...REV WAR OR 18OOs?

    STC has it right, later construction makes the design debate a non-starter.
  11. I wonder What happened to Women's 9 Ball

    9 ball is definitely the way to test your level as there's not the safety net in having other balls to shoot if you blow your shape. It's been 20 years since I played, and even then it was getting back to it... so 30 years since I played a lot. At some point I might get back to it.
  12. I wonder What happened to Women's 9 Ball

    So guess that game never ends. :laughing7: I don't follow it enough to be aware of a different trend but I don't see how that game could possibly be more interesting than 9 ball. I remember playing games like skittles and bottle pool when I was young and it was fun, but still involved shooting...
  13. Deus 1 Charger

    Yeah that's exactly what I bought.
  14. Deus 1 Charger

    Thanks just what I needed. Now just have to see if I can track the same one down. I assume there's no point in paying $35 or whatever it is for the XP one. I'm selling off some stuff, a Deus light and need a charger to go with it.
  15. Deus 1 Charger

    So I need to get a Deus 1 charger. I assume I do not need the one from XP, just the correct output. Is it 1.5 amps?
  16. No George II brothers this time, but Louis had a nicer brother (1732) who said hello!

    Ironhorse stole the show with the honker silver at the end of day 2, but I got it going getting a nicer French silver 12 Sols to kick things off. I think it was just my 3rd target and about 18 inches deep.... but was in a trench running water made so the net depth was 3 inches. :laughing7...
  17. 🥇 BANNER 1804 Dollar......No jokin' About This Token!!!

    1804 DOLLAR. Nuff said! ....almost... Much better in the hand than in pics, but definitely good enough! What a great field that was! I'll miss it until it changes and we can scrounge out a few more targets.
  18. Old Louis and the George brothers said hello

    Most recent hunt and fighting my way through a bad old-military button slump and it's certainly not do to the lack of trying and the numbers, just not getting over one. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a good day out having found an early French silver, a 1726 12 Sols, only my 2nd of this type...
  19. Charging the WS6 Headphones

    You are suppose to use the short cord that comes in the box to charge the headphones. It fits like it should.
  20. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Need coin help

    Looks like Charles II Irish.