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  1. Possible Oak Island Solution

    LOL……This proves the OP is just here seeking attention. Perhaps a previous OP who is coming back with a different user name once again attempting to gain relevance thru fictional story telling. Nuff said….
  2. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Mark Write stated: "He points out that if you are in a debate, it is always best to use provable facts." Please provide your facts that anything (tunnels, treasures, etc.) exist on hoax island. There are volumes of facts here that prove otherwise. You need to do your own reading.
  3. Minelab Manticore

    One cannot use the Equinox with the coil ears snapped off...just saying. Waiting for Calabash Digger's review of the Manticore. His reviews are honest and intuitive. Clearly showed the Equinox was clearing lacking in regard to the Deus II. The Manticore is obviously Minelab's attempt to...
  4. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Research is your friend. Besides that, Dunfield dug up parts of that area that you are claiming contains a, “secret tunnel” and NOTHING was there but dirt and water. One member once posted that the money pit contained a space/time portal that took templars and their treasure to Mars. Good luck...
  5. Minelab Manticore

    The Equinox has never been known to be durable. While feature rich, durability has been problematic.
  6. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Anyone can take maps, play around with geometric patterns and come up with any number of ways to provide markers to anything. There was once a website that professionally debunked all hoax island fables, old and new. Then the laginas purchased the site and took it down hoping to extend their...
  7. Minelab Manticore

    Yet others have given the Deus II great reviews. Of course personal preference plays a part in evaluations. Perhaps Minelab found a better coil mounting method on the Manticore so one can be in the field hunting vs. waiting for a coil to be delivered?
  8. Minelab Manticore

    With the XP Deus II‘s taking performance exponentially to the next level, is the Manticore a rushed product in Minelab’s effort to remain relevant? Garret has certainly dropped off the map in regards to performance.
  9. Oak Island Treasure in the US we go again.
  10. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Zena was proven to be a quack a long time ago. I suggest you go back thru all the hoax island threads and posts here. The hoax of oak island has been going on for quite a while with many, many “experts” attempting to gain relevance from promoting the hoax.
  11. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Mark: Above you state, “solve he problem”. You are assuming based on hoaxers and their fictional stories over the past 200+ years that a treasure is there and the problem is finding it. The real problem is that there never was a treasure.
  12. Possible Oak Island Solution

    The lagina’s and many, many others have dug tunnels on the island looking for the fictional money pit. Which one of the previous digger’s tunnels does your document lead to?
  13. Minelab manticore detector information

    For all appearances, the Maticore seems to be Minelab’s desperate attempt to keep up with the XP Deus II.
  14. Legend and Deus II Gold Coin

    And there we have it.
  15. Legend and Deus II Gold Coin

    Ok... I was curious about the Deus II...
  16. Legend and Deus II Gold Coin

    Is there a reason the video is now private?
  17. New from Minelab

    Will Minelab beef up the coil mounting tabs on that one? Appears to be their answer to the XP Deus II.
  18. The Minelab Equinox 800 is a Piece of Junk

    It’s interesting that with all the great features on the Nox that Minelab couldn’t get the mechanical durability right.
  19. The Minelab Equinox 800 is a Piece of Junk

    Has Minelab ever upgraded the coil mounting feet on the 600 and 800 to make them less susceptible to breakage?
  20. Dutch hunter stops the search after 54 years .

    This is an ongoing issue with folks here who claim to have found great treasures and post about them over time. They lose track of their stories and post counter comments to their previous claims.