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  1. First Lake Hunt with the Legend

    I has the Legend out for its first lake hunt this afternoon and I have to say I was less than impressed. It was nice to be able to distinguish iron targets but swinging the large coil through the water wasn’t pleasant. It felt too big, off balanced, just didn’t move through the water easily...
  2. Sterling Candlestick Holder

    Picked up a Reed and Barton sterling candlestick holder today at the Goodwill. Someone had picked it up and removed the price sticker. Perhaps they didn’t know that “sterling” meant silver. So I had to ask the manager for a price on it and he barely gave it a glance before saying “$2.99”...
  3. WW2 Dog Tags

    Ground was thawed enough today to give my new Legend a test run in my backyard. Every detector I have owned has gone through the yard and I didn't think there was much left to find but the Legend suprised me with this set of dog tags. They were way down in the slushy mud. A little detective...
  4. Another Use for Old Pennies

    If you put 8-10 pre 1982 pennies at the bottom of a birdbath you won’t have algae growth. I read it online and it seemed so unlikely I had to try it. It actually works quite well.
  5. Rare Old Penny From Reject Bin

    I added a coin to my penny collection with this nice 1909 VDB that I plucked from the coin counting machine rejects bin. The VDB is at the bottom of the wreath. They sell in the $8-$12 range in this shape on EBay.
  6. Equinox minimum height

    When I purchased my Xterra I needed to order a short lower shaft to fit my five feet height. Anyone know if I will need to do the same with the Equinox?
  7. Warranty info

    Haven’t ordered my Equinox yet but Minelab emailed warranty info to me that gave me pause. The lithium battery is only warrantied for a year but when it needs to be replaced, Minelab says it needs to be done by a authorized service center because doing it yourself could affect the waterproof...
  8. Tiny 24k This Morning

    I was finishing up my morning 2 hour water hunt by detecting the shallow water and got a good strong signal with my Tiger Shark, which is amazing at finding tiny gold. I knew what I had as soon as I saw the snake design and the beautiful color in my scoop. This .9 gram tiny piece is the...
  9. CTX 3030 and Oak Island

    Watching the program tonight and there is a gentleman using a 3030. The voiceover explaining the detector said that it could detect down 3 feet, which seemed greatly overstated. What's the real max depth on this machine?
  10. Civil War Token from the Reject Tray

    A trip to the grocery store this afternoon turned my very boring and unlucky treasure hunting season around. As always, I stopped to check the store's coin counter reject tray. A measly two pennies were inside but I of course snatched them up. One was modern cent and the other seemed to be a...
  11. Detectorists Brit show

    Now on PBS. I watched the series on Netflix, funny with some great running jokes. While they search for ancient artifacts, what they continuously find are hot wheels cars. Worth watching if you haven't seen it.
  12. Locating class ring owners just got easier

    I noticed that just added middle school, high school and college yearbooks from the 1880's to 2012 to their collections. Should make it much, much easier to locate owners and return rings to them. Ancestry isn't free, though, so it is going to cost you to do a look up.
  13. Vacation Dreaming - Michigan?

    Our high today is -2, so it's a good time to start thinking about a spring or summer detecting trip. I am about a 8 hour drive from Lake Michigan, and am thinking spending time at the shoreline would be fun. Anyone have suggestions on good beaches to hunt?
  14. Coffee Treasure

    I am now officially jealous of Floridians. Apparently thousands of cans and vacuum packed bricks of Bustelos coffee washed ashore in Idialantic Florida yesterday, still good and drinkable. Anyone get out there and pick some up?
  15. Curse of Oak Island, Season 3

    Starts tonight, 8:00 central. Probably another season of finding nothing, but I got to watch anyway.
  16. Still Ticking Watch

    After a summer of water hunting, it was back to the dirt today. I decided to try some different scenery from my usual hunting grounds and headed off to a city beach and park across town to see what the other hunters may have left behind. I stuck to the park edges and grassy areas away from...
  17. Holy Cow! Super Sidewalk Find

    I missed hunting the lake the last few days due to family commitments and was thinking about all the good stuff I had probably missed out on as I ran errands today. But as I was entering a store I saw a small bag lying on the sidewalk. Immediately I realized it wasn't empty and as I took a...
  18. Tiny Gold Starts my Season

    Despite a long warm spring, detecting hasn't produced anything but clad and junk rings. But today my Xterra sniffed out my first gold of the season and the smallest piece of gold I have ever found with this detector. It was buried just below the grass, and gave off a weak signal that sounded...
  19. This is Why You Buy a Tesoro

    A month or so ago I finally did what I have been postponing for two years - sending my 8 year old Tiger Shark back to Tesoro for a checkup and to fix some minor issues. I am very attached to this machine and having it away from home feels sort of like not knowing where your kid is. Tesoro...
  20. Magazines

    For the snow bound and winter bored. If you have a library card and a tablet or e-reader like a Nook, you may be able to read hundreds of current and past magazine issues for free online through Zinio's library magazine service. You also might be able read them on a computer, I've never check...