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  1. Dutchman's Caches

    Howdy Idahodutch, May be the Harnish/Curtis claim that was worked till 94? Whatever it may be, :metaldetector: now you will have a drove of crazy Dutch hunters to worry about. :blackbeard::blackbeard::blackbeard::blackbeard::blackbeard::blackbeard::blackbeard: Stay safe Amigo.
  2. Dutchman's Caches

    Thanks for the offer ID, you are a good Hombre. Sure hope it works for you. At least you have enough time to test it out on a known gold mine, like the Old Wasp, and it's uncovered. I am sure Mr. Worst would let you test your new toy there. Let's see how close you have to be to get a reading, or...
  3. Dutchman's Caches

    That Gold Legend was only developed to find the gold and silver in your pocket.
  4. The "Peralta" Stone Maps --- On Their Own

    Howdy Mr. Hagans, I happen to be of mostly Spanish decent from the Castile area, so I do have an advantage over most here. Which old signs are you referring to? Homar
  5. The "Peralta" Stone Maps --- On Their Own

    Howdy Mr. Hagans, You are correct, that's why I didn't quote anyone with my post, out of respect. I had gone through the LDM thread, and then this one, only to find put downs out of ego, figured it must be the full moon. Hang in there, don't let it get to you. Homar P. Olivarez
  6. The "Peralta" Stone Maps --- On Their Own

    Must be the full moon :dontknow:
  7. The "Peralta" Stone Maps --- On Their Own

    Howdy Fellow Dutch Hunters, I enjoy all the different solves presented here. Nice to have something new to read after a quiet spell. Wonder if there will be a "Lawton Manuscript" for newbies to follow? The original stone maps are still in the museum, and they do speak for themselves. They are...

    Howdy Mikel, Glad to hear that you are enjoying your new tool. Those are great pictures. I don't know anything about drones to be of any help. Practice practice practice, reminds me of the first time back-hoe operators. They would think they had a dirt load in the bucket, and we would tease...
  9. Idiot Hits Tree

    Never touched the tree, not one leaf moved.

    Howdy Mikel, This is the best news I've heard in quite a while, now your search is going to a higher level. :icon_thumright: You will cover more ground with no pain, and have views from different angles. I am very happy for you, and am sure you have done your share of good deeds for others...

    Good to hear from you Mikel, sounds like you could use a drone in your search.
  12. The Rock Man

    Howdy enigmatic51, Welcome to T-Net, that's a nice gazing rock man, too bad he can't speak. You even have a little horse shadow below there.
  13. The Rock Man

    Only one leads to the mine, but you have to follow all the directions from start to finish to find the right clues. Even the "missing" directions come in handy, but you don't just turn left, and end up on a saddle, unless you were leading your horse for a while. :laughing7:
  14. latin heart questions

    Howdy dredgernaut, Not here to argue, just to help. I don't know where you got your information from since there is more false info on the PSM's than there is real. The PSM's are very real, and are complete, just four stones. All four stones are needed to find the end of the trail. There is a...
  15. The Rock Man

    Howdy Idahodutch, You are correct, an eye made just by a pick mark would not even be noticeable from the trail if it's over the point of a ridge. He not only worked on the eyes, but also the nose, and mouth. Just one eye of my find is 15 feet across shaped like a real eye, so yeah, he can be...
  16. The Rock Man

    Howdy, Pick marks inside a mine can last forever, but I don't know if they would even look like pick marks after more than 130 years of weathering?
  17. Clue 4 Peaks Lined up as 1

    Howdy Superstitionsexplorer, Welcome to the LDM threads, there are many lost treasure, and mine stories out there. The LDM legend is loaded with clues, both real, and made up. It has many maps, but they don't all lead you to it. Very few show a general area, and only one shows the exact spot in...
  18. Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    I myself believe it would be a blessing to find the mine, rather than a curse.
  19. Video 4 - The Peralta Stone Maps with Frank Augustine

    Howdy Azquester, This story was made up just like arcana exploration's, and all the other found it, solved it stories floating around. They all claim to make new discoveries, and will only confuse you more than they are. They take the same pieces of the real puzzle, and arrange them different...
  20. Another Dutch Hunter Crosses Over

    Sorry to hear about Eric Downs, my condolences to his family and friends.