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  1. No more cats!

    We had a "visitor" cat in our barn this past summer (not infrequent - we like out in mattress, bald tire & cat drop off land) who had been hanging around and in July we noticed a kitten under our front porch. Well, that put a different spin on things. Not long thereafter I was watching the...
  2. Nat Geo - Treasure Tuesday - LOst Gold of the Dark Ages

    FINALLY. A historically based, real documentary, showing a real metal detectorist . . . WHO ACTUALLY FOUND TREASURE. Watching this now and enjoying it immensely. Looks like the channel will have such shows on Tuesdays regularly. Yea!
  3. Rick & Marty on The Late Show right now

    Proof they are hunting ratings and not treasure or the history of Oak Island.
  4. Oak Island/New Ross theory.

    I have a new theory. There are several, like Wolters, who seem to believe that everything that happened in Europe and the Americas between the years 900AD and 1800AD somehow involved the Templars; and that the Templars had a direct and continuous link from Hospitallers/Knights of St. John) right...
  5. Ignoring specific members?

    Is there a way to ignore specific members instead of whole threads or forums?
  6. Museum displays destroyed in Mosel

    I guess if you have no respect for human life it is no surprise ancient relics are trash as well. Disgusting. Happily most were replicas.
  7. Detector Pro Gray Ghost Deep Woods with F-70 or F-75?

    Anyone using a set of Deed Woods headphones successfully with a F-75 (or F-70)? They have no outside adjustments and I would like to make sure this blessing isn't also a curse before I invest in a pair.
  8. UPGRADE PROGRAM ENDS 3/01/2015 If you have been thinking about taking advantage of the software upgrade this might be a poke in the ribs to get moving! Program ending on 3/01/2015.
  9. F-75 (original) Continues to Impress

    Odd little hunt this morning once again left me impressed with my trusty F-75. Yesterday after supper I was out "stump shooting" in practice for an upcoming traditional archery shoot. I was tossing wood arrows with blunt tips. One long shot (80 yards +/-) along a power-line right of way put the...
  10. MP3 Player Detects Gold

    In the interest of all the Tesoro owners out there who don't care to see information related to gold and other metal detection I am happy to announce that an MP3 player will detect buried gold with the same voracity that a digital camera can. All you have to do is set it to FM in a white-noise...
  11. Campaign buttons

    Here is an assortment of campaign buttons (winners & losers) from Grant through the 1890's and up to the late 60's. I can find some at button sites (most of the 1" size) but many I have no idea. Especially the delegate badge for the Wilkie convention.
  12. Campaign buttons

    My collection of campaign buttons. Kind of incomplete but interesting.
  13. War Nickel

    Dug a 1944 P silver alloy nickel today. Not a coin you're going to dig if you notch out bottlecaps. ;-) Also a .925 silver ring with a pearl. Got rained on and I can testify that the "upgrade" for the F-75 does in fact seal out casual weather. At least I hope it did. :o
  14. Detector stand - improved wheelbase

    When I added the Sunray FX-1 pinpointer to my F75 detector I would invariable topple the works over when pinpointing. I set about to come up with a simple and light stand that would allow me to see the display when pinpointing (and keep the display off the ground). I came up with 4" of 1"...
  15. New site pays but its work.

    New site pays but it's work. Tried a spot I'd never detected: a small town park near an 1803 bridge site, 1807 hotel and 1850 church. The pavilion area is a trash pile of bottle caps and pull-tabs, but also produced an 1906 Barber quarter and a 1927 wheat cent. I "X"ed the solid hits and dug...
  16. Another clad lunchbreak

    Uninspiring but a good hunt nonetheless. I got to the park just after noon and found a 20' spraypainted circle partially overlaping where the carny trailer was where I had found two rings in the past two days so I figured I better hit it hard. If they're putting in something (it's right behind...
  17. Copper spoon, ring, IBM token and clad

    Another lunchbreak at the park. Dug my first ever copper spoon. I don't recall ever seeing a copper spoon(??) $1.70 in clad, a couple grommets, the tip off a lazer pointer. The costume jewelry ring was a good rush but it's cheap silver plate (flaking all ready). On well. Another one for the...
  18. Clad and a ring

    Another lunchbreak at the park. $1.34 in clad and a ring that went from exciting to fun when I pulled it out and saw the cheapo adjustment method. Oh well, a bit more loot for my chest I'll be burying someday. Getting the hang of my new FX-1 probe. Was underwhelmed until I started reaching...
  19. Finally got out!

    It was warm enough and not raining or snowing enough that I got out at lunchtime today. Results on right half of the newspaper. 25 cents (the hard way), three dimes and two nickels. Obviously someone was cherry picking the quarters as this was at the site of a couple concession trailers at a...
  20. Atlas of the CW - Barnes & Noble

    Atlas of the CW - Barnes & Noble For all you (fortunate) CW detectorists - last night at the local Barnes & Noble I spotted a pile of very large format (16" x 24" +/-) books full of maps titled "Atlas of the Civil War" for $19.98 in the discount section. Loaded with modern and older maps...