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  1. Minelab Manticore

    With the XP Deus II‘s taking performance exponentially to the next level, is the Manticore a rushed product in Minelab’s effort to remain relevant? Garret has certainly dropped off the map in regards to performance.
  2. Magnet fishing gets treasure hunters in trouble
  3. Great article about the Hoax of Oak Island

    Great summary of the nonsense:,Treasure%20hunters%20flock%20to%20Oak%20Island%2C%20where%20no%20one%20has,island%27s%20legend%20continues%20to%20grow.
  4. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to everyone and your families!
  5. Dent's Run Facts

    In reading this article it points out many flaws in the long running story... Local treasure hunters say Dents Run search not rooted in fact | Local |
  6. Metal Detectorists score big in UK
  7. List of various treasure legends in the Superstition Mountains

    There seems to be quite a number of treasure stories tied to the Superstition Mountains. Would someone please list the various treasures theories? I’m aware of the Lost Dutchman’s Mine Story....
  8. Minelan Equinox Issues

    While it appears the Equinox series is the leader in features and capabilities, the number of quality issues presented here are concerning. Fragile coil mounting ears, electronics issues, etc. seem to keep popping up. Is Minelab addressing and working to improve quality in the Equinox?
  9. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Wishing members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  10. Oak Island Mystery Solved! The Truth behind what the McGinnis Boys Saw!

    Forum member MikeN solved the centuries old mystery. It’s well known that’s 100% of all things found on the island are common things resulting from typical human habitation. It’s been proven that the money pit, log platforms, 90’ stone, vault, and flood tunnels never existed. The only tunnels...
  11. Apex Product Positioning

    With the release of the Apex I'm curious as to where it fits into the Garrett lineup. Is it a more capable detector than the AT Max or is it intended to extend the ACE lineup?
  12. What happened to all of the threads?

    Were the Garrett threads cleared?
  13. Oak Island Factual (proven/documented) Information

    With all of the mythical and fairy tale rhetoric constantly being stated about Oak Island, here's a place to post actual, proven, information. Whether it be relic finds, documentation references concerning actual digs, etc., if the information is based on true, empirical facts, present it here...
  14. Using 3rd Party Coils with AT Pro

    When using a 3rd party coil such as a Nel, are the AT Pro's readings still accurate (i.e. depth conductivity, etc.) or is a bias applied (i.e. a 4" reading is actually 6")?
  15. Time to add a new Forum?

    This forum is titled "Treasure Legends". It is filled with an enormous amount of information regarding the listed treasure legends but none contain any real evidence or proven finds that authenticate the treasure in the legend. Perhaps a new forum could be created such as, "Historical Treasure...