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  1. drtones24k

    OK...Thanks for the update on drtones24k...was wondering what was going on with I've never seen him go that long without posting a video of some sort...etc...etc. Got-Good-Tones
  2. drtones24k

    Question: Anybody heard anything at all from drtones24k??? Usually puts out a video or two just about every month...Have not seen or heard anything for about 10 months now???? Got-Good-Tones
  3. Help with researching old maps

    ToddAdams, What year?? What town?? Outside of the city or inside a town somewhere...Depending on the answer you provide will determine which maps you might be able to find online. Got-Good-Tones
  4. Finally made it into the 1800's

    Got "Forked" twice in one day... Got back out to Murray Idaho again...this time I found 2 more forks within about 4-5 feet of the location I found the first fork. One fork is the same as the first fork...only made by a different company. Second fork is a different design all together...appears...
  5. Detecting gods felt bad

    See following thread... Appears to be non-military.... :BangHead: Got-Good-Tones
  6. Detecting gods felt bad

    Appears to be "Navy" related...guessing late 1800's or early 1900's... Got-Good-Tones
  7. Finally made it into the 1800's

    Got back out to Murray Idaho...did not find too much of any interest. (Pulltabs, Trash...etc...etc) Did find a county auto tag from 1965 that is in halfway decent shape...if anybody wants to see a picture of said tag I'll upload one for all to see...LOL Got-Good-Tones
  8. Finally made it into the 1800's

    Looks like I got permission to check out some of the old house sites in Murray, Idaho. Should be interesting to see what I find...probably be back to Murray Idaho this coming Friday or Saturday...Woo Hoo. Got-Good-Tones
  9. Hunted an 1823 house, scored some goodies and ID Help please

    CASPER-2, Was thinking it might of been related to horse tack... Got-Good-Tones
  10. Hunted an 1823 house, scored some goodies and ID Help please

    CASPER-2, Yep...after looking around on the internet I would have to agree with that assessment...that it is in fact shoe related. Got-Good-Tones
  11. Hunted an 1823 house, scored some goodies and ID Help please

    I would venture to say that it would be "Horse" harness related...appears like it would have another piece on the other end...just like the one with the 4 stars...but on the other end. Got-Good-Tones
  12. Finally made it into the 1800's

    crossfire631, Oh yeah...Heck yeah...I intend to go back quite a few times before summer is over. Just getting started...LOL Have several spots I want to check out in more detail. Got-Good-Tones
  13. Finally made it into the 1800's

    Don't know about the "Road Test"...LOL Considering it is as old as it is...I was really impressed with the shape it was in after being in the dirt that long. Anyway...First fork I've ever found...I'm just glad I got into the 1800's club...LOL The oldest thing I had found before the fork...was a...
  14. Finally made it into the 1800's

    Just some background info on Murray, ID. Murray was a Gold Rush town ~ 1883 - some point the population was around 2500 or so people...Wyatt Earp at one point had a saloon out towards Eagle Creek...he was also put in jail at Murray several times during this time period for "Claim...
  15. Finally made it into the 1800's

    1847 was when the company was founded...was called "Rogers Bros Britannia Company" up until it was bought out by another company around 1898. Pattern is called "Meriden" in case anyone finds one while out MD'ing in the future. Silver plated from what I can find online...pretty freaking heavy...
  16. Finally made it into the 1800's

    Found a really decent fork while out hunting with my Ace 400...did some research on Murray, ID and found a couple of houses I had not seen before on previous maps...anyway was onsite about 10 minutes and found the fork about 5-6 inches down. See pictures included. Thinking they were part of the...
  17. Considering a new pinpointer what do you recommned?

    Garrett Carrot...:icon_thumright: :icon_thumright: About the only thing I've noticed with the Garrett Carrot is it gets a little bit "Goofie" when the battery starts getting really low after heavy use...You'll know it when it happens...after you go through a battery or two...:laughing7: Does...
  18. Ideas on a digger pouch.

    Naw man...that's just a "Man Purse"...:headbang: :headbang: Just jealous I guess...:laughing7: Got-Good-Tones
  19. Garrett ace

    Navyman, Think I'd be contacting tech support...maybe get an RMA and send that puppy back if it's still in warranty. I've got an Ace 400 (Still in warranty) and it seems to be having issues as well. Sometimes it will turn off right away...sometimes it might take 2-10 times before it will shut...
  20. Garrett ace

    Navyman, What mode were you in?? When it would not detect anything?? Have you played around with any of the mode settings?? (I.E. - Notched out anything like pull-tabs or iron) Got-Good-Tones