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  1. My old Excal II needs repair !

    That's the sad part , I have a can of spray , but forgot to use it after the first few times.
  2. My old Excal II needs repair !

    Is there an easy fix for this that works ? Or , am I going to need to send this beast in for a legit repair job ? Just noticed after today's hunt.
  3. OK...My Favorite Ring

    This is my favorite ring. 15.8g of 18K , 5 diamonds , 2 rubies ( I think they're rubies ? ) Found in waist deep water. I thought it had to be fake when I pulled it out of the scoop !
  4. First Gold Ring

    Congratulations , that's a beauty !
  5. Hot Spot

    Great job finding the old stuff !
  6. Hope to get back into detecting.. been out since 2017. Heath issues and losing leg from knee down.

    Where there's a will , there's a way ! Congrats on getting your health back. Hope you're able to get back in the water soon ! Good Luck !
  7. First hunt in about a year ! Small gold !

    After about a year of wasting time on other hobbies , I finally got back to the beach ! After a few bucks worth of clad and a fake silver necklace , I found a gold earring. Just 1.8 grams of 14K , but it was great to get back out there !
  8. Excaliburs

    That's exactly how it goes with us. LOL.
  9. Excaliburs

    Bought the Wife a 600. But , I'll stick to my excal.
  10. Got the Wife out on her first hunt ever !

    Bought her a 600 while I used my excal. She found the stainless class ring and the fake gold , and i found the rest. Only the silver bracelet was real. Was a fun 5 hour hunt.
  11. 7/1/2019 beach finds

    Nice finds , Congrats !
  12. Best sand scoop for hunting in ocean

    RTG 6 the thing is bullet proof !
  13. Major Metal Detecting Find – Silver Alligator Capped Tooth

    Holy Shucks ! Dude , that's an amazing find ! Gotta love this hobby. You found that thing buried in the damn ground ! That's a piece of Florida history right there ! Love it when a little research pans out. Congrats on a very cool find !
  14. Nox 600 strikes tiny gold and silver !

    I need to spend a little time to try to learn how to properly use the Equinox. It's a different beast altogether. But its hard to argue against it's effectiveness when I scoop gold on the very first signal !
  15. Nox 600 strikes tiny gold and silver !

    Found a bunch of junk with the Excal and decided to give the Wife's Nox 600 a whirl before heading home. Very first target is probably the smallest 10k gold ring I've ever found ! Later found a small piece of broken 925 chain. It doesn't miss the small stuff , that's for sure !