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  1. Epic weekend hunt for us!

    Nice set of finds. In the second pic, far right. It is a wedge used on steel concrete form pans.
  2. 1841 bell identification?

    When I originally asked about this, I could not find a single pic that was even close. Now y'all are finding them all over the place. I am impressed and I thank you both for the info.
  3. 1841 bell identification?

    A bit late reading the newest replies. I never did find any info on the bell. It was stolen a couple or three years ago. One of my nephews, on my wife's side, stayed with us for a while. After he left, I couldn't find the bell anymore. That bell was in our family for quite a while. Thanks for...
  4. 1998 Lincoln penny with diamond markings on head

    Are you referring to the dent (exit wound?:laughing7:) in ol' Abe's hairline? Is there a bulge on the back side? No idea what it is, but kinda interesting.
  5. Thinking of upgrading from Delta 4000 to Omega 8500

    Thank you all for the advice and info. Getting some time on the 8500 may be an issue, but I will try to. Different coils are going to have to wait a bit, but the ability to interchange between the 4000 and 8500 is a big reason I am looking at the 8500 instead of the T2. I'm a bit old school...
  6. Thinking of upgrading from Delta 4000 to Omega 8500

    Anything I should know? I am working on getting permission to hunt some vacant property in Tombstone. If it works out (I'm 99% sure it will), I may only get one chance at this due to work schedules. I want to upgrade a bit before I hit the site and the 8500 I am looking at is priced about right.
  7. Found this sweetie today!!!! Should I grade it????

    Yeah, I tried. I drive through there about three times a week, for work. Most of the work seems to be done now. They have poured the new sidewalks for the most part. For some reason, I thought you were in Tucson.
  8. Found this sweetie today!!!! Should I grade it????

    Nice finds. They recently tore up the sidewalks on the main drag through Tombstone. I keep thinking to myself "Once in a lifetime opportunity". Never had time to stop and try it, but did set my imagination to working overtime.
  9. British musketball and old coin??

    In pic #2 in the op, I'm seeing a horse with a woman riding it. I asked my wife what she saw and she came up with the same thing instantly. In the new pic, the horse is facing towards the top of the page. Maybe I just have an active imagination.
  10. Something old, something new and something.......dam

    If you are asking about the second item, in the bottom row, it is part of a latch that is commonly used on dog leashes. That piece would be spring loaded and slide back to allow the leash to hook to a collar. They are also commonly used as key ring holders, gate latches, etc.
  11. Big Find Of The Day...A Tiny Coin!

    Some of you younger folks may not remember, but cereal boxes used to have some cool toys and stuff in them. I think it was Kellog's that had "Coins of the world". There would be a little plastic bag with a foreign coin inside. I think it was mostly to help the sales of corn flakes:laughing7:. I...
  12. Old English coin

    Yeah I thought it may be a fake, but I've never played with one of these. It made my day to find it, so not a total loss.
  13. Old English coin

    Yeah, it doesn't feel right or sound right, but I had hopes. The avatar is a sign that was in front of a gun shop. It says Your wife called, she said it was ok to buy an AR15.
  14. Old English coin

    Thanks for the response. Doesn't really feel like pewter, I don't think it feels right for silver, either. Kind of feels like aluminum. I took about 30 pics of this thing, but these were the only two that didn't come out completely blurry or dark.
  15. Old English coin

    Found this a couple of days ago. It was nan eyeball find, sort of. We were tearing apart an old travel trailer and this was in a nook or cranny, not sure which. It was wrapped in a small Seagram's velvet bag. I don't know anything about these coins, but here it is: Is there a way of telling...
  16. 3rd Gun This Month

    I was thinking Fanner 50 cap gun. I had a couple when I was kid. Best cap gun a kid could get8-). That was in the early 70's. Roy Rogers cap gun may fit the time period a bit better.
  17. Head stamp U.M.C. No. 12

    This looks like a pretty good match: .....1867-1911 UMC Shotgun Shell.....
  18. WOODSTOCK anyone ever detect it?

    I've thought about that place ever since I got into detecting (mid 70's). I just always assumed (yeah, I know) it was hit hard and regularly by locals.
  19. Old lead figure...what kind of animal it?

    Yeah, but what do the experts know? I wanna believe.8-)