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  1. East Texas Metal Detectors

    I sent two detectors to ETMD. They have been there awhile and last year when I called, I was told I will be contacted when they are repaired. I waited then decided to check again. I called and phone was busy so I checked the Facebook page. The page reports his wife recovering from surgery and...
  2. Fisher Pulse 8X

    I have a JW fisher Pulse 8X and I was having difficulty the other day. I was near an area that had some steel rail close by. Seems I adjusted the settings in the low setting to about .2. Did an air test with aluminum and it worked fine. Picking up a small piece at about 4in on low. Same day I...
  3. Metal Detect Old Nail

    Any opinions on this nail? Dug it up near the sea in the Caribbean. Every box is 1/4inch
  4. Well not dumpster.....garbage pile

    Found a bag of gold leaf in a plastic bag that was in a pile of discarded artist materials. Looked at the flakes and thought its flake, fine flake ,but still gold. Mushed it together like a snowball and heated in a crucible. Made a 12g button of 14k gold. Worth about 416usd. Pic will follow.
  5. Gold found off Ft Pierce Fl

    Hey are we tracking Erick Schmitt's gold find off 250 ft off Ft Pierce Fl? The Orlando Sentinal reports a Tricential Royal among the finds. Any further on this? :hello2:
  6. New Book "Pirate Hunters"

    A new book will be out soon Pirate Hunters. This time divers Chatterton and Mattera team up with author Thurston in the search for the Golden Fleece. Capt Jack Bannisters frigate sunk in a Samana Dominican Republic cannon and muskett gunfight with the British navy.
  7. Beach Detecting Advice

    I am still relatively new to metal detecting. I have worked beaches before and they are my favorite. I am planning a trip to a beach that I know has an 16th century offshore wreck. Thats why I picked the location. I am suscribed to a Treasure Hunting magazine from England and have read an...
  8. Help with chemical leaching

    I have come across some material that contains lead other metals and platinum. A fairly decent percentage of platinum too. I know of Aqua Regia and also of CDE2 leaching. Can anyone reccommend where I can either get the platinum extracted or get the materials and the knowledge to do it myself. I...
  9. Liquefying Slag with CDE 2

    Has anyone ever used the CDE 2 Leeching process? There is a website Rocky Ledge Mining that has this process. Is it as effective as described? Anyone out there using Aqua Regia or Nitric Acid to recover precious metals who knows of any package setups for this?
  10. Cracked Crucible

    I have a crucible I used once to melt gold. I used propane and the crucible did glow red at the temperature that the gold melted. I was sure it would split in two but it did not. Did I do something wrong it was only small amount of gold like a bead? Sorry the pic is a bit blurry. The question is...
  11. Nano Powder Gold

    I am trying to work my paydirts as best as possible learning gold extraction. I saw two variant "Gold Labs" on you tube. Since I dont want to get too high tech or spend that kind of money on the official "Gold Lab". I went and copied an example I saw on Ballentine Prospector. I thought this...
  12. Internet Bought Paydirt

    I wanted to try my hand at panning and fine gold recovery so I bought some paydirt. Three differnt kinds to be specific. In one all 8lbs yielded me nothing except pyrite. The second had pickers ond fine flour gold in about the first 1/3 of the 2lb bag. Another of the same vendor the exact same...
  13. Cabinet Knob

    Was shooting my back yard. A small area because I live in the city. After a couple of bottle caps, old wire, and assorted scrap I came up with this. I thought it was a button. After I cleaned it up I realized it was a brass drawer knob. I am thinking very old 1889-1901. Any experts on these out...
  14. Best Metal Detector

    This has probably already been discussed. I have been searching for a similar thread but have not found it. I just purchased a Fisher Pulse 8X very expensive piece of equipment. Works fantastic. I know its late but now I am wondering what treasure hunters here believe is the best overall all...