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  1. East Texas Metal Detectors

    I did call him last week. he says he is having difficulty getting parts. I asked him if he can salvage one for the other and do the best he can. With Tesoro being out of business he is my last hope so lets see what he can do. I will just wait.
  2. East Texas Metal Detectors

    Are you going to call? If I do this week I will let you know what he says. The last two times I called he said we have them and will advise you when they are completed. It seems you and I are in the same boat.
  3. East Texas Metal Detectors

    Oh geese. The detectors are two Tesoros, Tiger and Sand. I use them underwater and both had serious coil cable issues. After Tesoro stopped repairing them he seemed like the only one around doing it. Maybe I better call or write Kelly Co and give them the heads up not to make that referral anymore.
  4. East Texas Metal Detectors

    I shipped it 9/2/21 it has been awhile.
  5. East Texas Metal Detectors

    I sent two detectors to ETMD. They have been there awhile and last year when I called, I was told I will be contacted when they are repaired. I waited then decided to check again. I called and phone was busy so I checked the Facebook page. The page reports his wife recovering from surgery and...
  6. It says Newburch NY looks like a lid of some sort

    There is Newburgh NY I never heard of Newburch. I would say something happened to the G? Look close, maybe Its a start.
  7. Is Tesoro out of business???

    I received the metal detector I sent out back. Tesoro created the label and returned it. I think its over. Sad I like them. Oh well guess its Garrett or Minelab now. Any suggestions? AT Max or Equinox.
  8. Is Tesoro out of business???

    I sent a Tiger Shark out for repair on 3/16/20. Didn't hear from them for weeks so called the number. Got the voicemail saying mailbox was full. I checked UPS tracking it appears the item was sent back to the UPS office I sent it from. Not Good.
  9. Key or something else

    Key Chain, I believe also.
  10. The Knights Templar connection to Oak Island Challenge

    Do not forget the Hospitallers then to Maltese Order developed a full blown Navy by 1530. These knights did know how to get around. I follow Oak Island and found it amazing that that Lagina Winery had that Templar Cross. These fellows know more than they let out for the sake of the show. Whether...
  11. Fisher Pulse 8X

    I guess I have to video me taking it apart. I want to see what 2000 dollars worth of electronics is in there. Hell my old ass Garrett Scorpion took silver out of my back yard. While all the 8X did was act like you cant ground balance. Black dirt with a lot of worms. Is it me?
  12. Fisher Pulse 8X

    75 views and not one answer? Just because it goes deep what does that mean? What about the Aqua Pulse? I can tell you right now the Tesoro Sand Shark works great.
  13. Fisher Pulse 8X

    I have a JW fisher Pulse 8X and I was having difficulty the other day. I was near an area that had some steel rail close by. Seems I adjusted the settings in the low setting to about .2. Did an air test with aluminum and it worked fine. Picking up a small piece at about 4in on low. Same day I...
  14. Stolen gold bar from Fisher museum

    Wow that is good news. But I hope the artifact is not lost. Unfortunately after this much time it may have been melted down and sold for gold content. Possibility of a rogue collector to buy it intact for historical value? Common coppers interrogate the crap out of these jokers!
  15. Metal Detect Old Nail

    This too
  16. Metal Detect Old Nail

    Thank you all for the replies. There is so much knowledge on this site. Really I wanted to confirm if this is old and maybe a comment if it is marine or just an old iron nail. I was going to do reverse electrolysis but didn't. Its not falling apart as things that come from the ocean. This came...
  17. My sons First detector, Fisher F2 or Tesoro Compadre???

    Tesoro Compadre....... Lifetime Warrantee great machines. I am always pleased with my Sand Shark.
  18. Season 4

    On Oak Island my thoughts are I find it very interesting. They do drag it out like a cliffhanger but hey that's entertainment. I was kinda sketchy about watching the program originally. But when the diving started and they brought in John Chatterton my attention increased. As the metal detector...
  19. Metal Detect Old Nail

    Any opinions on this nail? Dug it up near the sea in the Caribbean. Every box is 1/4inch