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  1. A few questions about mining claims in California

    Given that I am new to gold prospecting (though not metal detecting), I decided to ask here, about some unresolved questions I had about making mining claims here in California. I've done a fair amount of research in the last few weeks on that subject, but a few things remain unclear, because...
  2. New around here

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their welcomes. I'm about to post in the California-specific forum there, about my questions regarding mining claims - despite my best efforts, a few things about the procedure aren't so clear. Anyway, thanks, everyone.
  3. New around here

    Actually, I did have my state listed, as above... Northern California. But I went and set my location to US, in my profile, since I missed that part. And, thanks, I'll take a look at the California-specific forum. My questions relate to making mining claims, I'm sure someone will have an answer.
  4. New around here

    Well, I decided to join this forum, because I had recently taken an interest in gold prospecting... after watching Dan Hurd's videos on Youtube, I decided it might an interesting thing to do. I'm not entirely new to treasure hunting, though, having done some metal detecting in years past, but...