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  1. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Help!

    Hello Botttle hunters- For the past 10 years I have been primarily metal detecting old logging camps and a shingle mill. When I started having success I would go and visit with a old couple who used to bottle hunt in the same camps in the 50’s and 60’s. I knew they would love seeing anything...
  2. Tumbled quartz? Clear tumbled glass? Agate? Huge!!

    I found this at a garage sale for $5 it has a rough exterior and a polished window cut out to view into the ball. I assume it is glass, but I wanted to be sure So cool looking under a light, it looks like the moon! Thank you.
  3. Can you identify this model of Remington shotgun?

    Trying to help a friend, all I have is 2 pics. lookin for the gun guys. Thanks 4 the help
  4. Early 1900’s Cedar Shingle Mill hammerhead use?

    Hello folks- i found the smaller of these hammerheads in a early 1900’s Cedar Shingle Mill... does anyone know what this hammerhead was designed to do? There was a small gauge railroad as well. Thanks
  5. Couple keepers from Wa State Cedar Shingle Mill 1900-1920

    I found a couple keepers yesterday. I have found some India Rubber Company combs in a nearby logging camp, but this comb is the most complete I have found so far. The small cast train car is a unique find and still has some paint. Just over a 1” it seems too small too be a toy. Could it be part...
  6. Tiny train car found in Cedar Shingle mill

    I found this Train Car in a turn of the century Cedar Shingle mill site yesterday. It is really rare to find anything with paint still attached but this piece has kept its blue/purple original paint. I couldn’t identity any markings, but it does have some design detail on the side of the car...
  7. Horse tether or axe? Central South Dakota

    Hello Netters- I visited with a 92 y/o lady a few times while in central South Dakota pheasant hunting. Her husband had grown up near the property I was curious about for metal detecting. She had photos of the property and was a great source of information. i asked her if she ever found...
  8. Furniture brass piece? Age/style guesses

    Found in a early 1900’s post office site, it was bent together so I pulled it apart enough to photograph, it started to split so I stoppedit looks like a duck head perhaps Asian inspired? Any thought would be appreciated there is one hole towards the top probably for mounting.
  9. Early 1900’s post office site help

    Hello Tnet- searching a 1900-1947 post office site in South Dakota, found a few items I would like to learn more about. The heavy threaded piece with a teacup handle has me stumped, it has a decorative sides. The other item with decoration has a “X” of circles and is bent both ways like a...
  10. Small bottle help...early 1900’s post office

    Hello folks- found this octagon bottle yesterday at a old post office site. The cap is hard rubber and it threads into the bottle...I am thinking it is more in the 1930’s range. Would anyone care to speculate what this bottle was used for? When filled with liquid you have to shake it like hell...
  11. Early 1900’s post office whazits

    Bottom piece is 6” in length, doesn’t have much for rust. the other piece is 5” in length and has a piece of leather sandwiched between iron. One end has a ring and the other end a point. . Side view of the items. Backside of items
  12. Western Washington State points

    I have been working for a builder and we started talking about arrowheads, he told me his 95 y/o father found a bunch of points on Whidbey Island while working fields with a horse as a boy. I have looked for arrowheads for years and never found points from this area (shellfish eaters, didnt chip...
  13. Found in early 1900’s Cedar Shingle Mill (purple glass with swirl)

    I found this dark purple marble in a Cedar Shingle Mill that operated between 1900-1920. I found a child’s porcelain play tea pot and this marble near each other which leads me to believe it was a little girls. The width is almost 7/8” so it seems larger than the ones I remember. With a...
  14. Cedar shingle mill finds (1900-1920’s)

    I had a decent day today, I found the other half to a Nu-Way “police” suspender buckle. a small child’s porcelain tea pot and a celluloid spoonhandle, some glass shirt buttons and a sweeeet purple glass marble with a swirl. This is the first evidence of kids in this Mill site.
  15. “Young” felling wedge Aluminium “689”

    Searching for any info related to this Aluminium felling wedge I found in the woods today... Marked “Young” and “689” I usually find the info with enough digging, but on rare occasions I need to call in the big guns. thank you
  16. Help with G-sale find

    Help with G-sale find (Shaker bench?) I bought this little bench looking piece at a garage sale and wanted to learn more about it. The “seat” of the bench is 30”x7” and 7” tall so perhaps it is too small to be a bench. It doesn’t have any fancy joinery but it looks to have some patinaI also...
  17. Fischer Brothers Flavoring Extracts Seattle, Wash

    Hello folks- I found these in a early 1900’s Cedar Shigle Mill in Western Washington State Apparently this Seattle Company sold coffee as well...Go figure
  18. Published in a Japanese magazine

    I found a few “Black Bear Brand” work clothes buttons in a 1912 R.R. Logging camp. The brand has recently been revived and the company is having great success keeping the history of this iconic Seattle brand alive. My button is pictured in the text.
  19. Help with token “Hoquiam, Wash”

    I found a trade token in a 1900-1920 Cedar Shingle Mill The token is aluminum “good for ten cents in trade” The town is Hoquiam, Wash and the buisness was “The Elk” Bar? The two drilled holes are making it difficult to confirm. I can find nothing in regards to the buisness and I haven’t seen...
  20. Trade token found in Wa. State cedar shingle mill! Rare?!

    I have been hunting a 1900-1920 Cedar Shingle Mill for a couple years, I haven’t had any great finds lately and today that changed. I found my first trade token at this site. I took it home dirty knowing it was aluminum and nothing else. With 30 mins of carefully cleaning it I confirmed it was a...