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  1. Found this on the Beach in Florida

    I found this on the beach in Florida, it is solid, like rock and shell, but makes no sense to me. It's not loose anywhere, and there's no separating any part of it, but it's clearly 2 different types of material. I was wondering if anyone has seen anything like it, or possibly knows what it...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Old Flat Button Need Help to I.D.

    Found this small old button which has some words on the Back. I cannot make the words out, so, I was hoping somone might recognize the markings and tell me what it says, and possibly, how old this button is? Thanks!
  3. Ace 250 Help

    Looking for some help, I just purchased a Garett Ace 250, and was wondering if someone who uses this machine can reccomend some settings. I have only taken it out once, but was getting so many false readings, it was very frustrating. I know I need some practice, but just looking for some setting...