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  1. F Series Fisher Opinion POLL

    I tried an F2 and the target ID numbers were way off on anything deeper than 3". It would ID silver coins as iron or foil. Apparantly most owners don't have this problem so I may have gotten a "bad one". Despite the F2 experience, I got an F70 about a month ago and it's been great. Build...
  2. Raisins?

    Thought this thread was going to be about the band from Cincinnati called "The Raisins". Great alt band back in the early 80's.
  3. Rons Detectors in Tenn Question?

    Re: Ron's Detectors in Tenn Question? I bought a coil from him a couple of months ago. It took him a few days to get his stock in and he e-mailed me about the delay and then again when it was shipped. Don't know what could be going on now.
  4. Sov GT - battery question

    The light on mine never goes out but it gets dimmer when it's fully charged. I usually leave it plugged in overnight, about 8-10 hours, but I've never timed how long it takes for the light to dim.
  5. Minelab Sovereign GT (Name 3 machines you would rather have?)

    I have a GT and recently got a Fisher F-70. I like it for quickly grabbing coins out of trash. I can swing it super fast to cover lots of gound and still ID the coins among the trash. It's the opposite of the slow analysis with the GT for deep older objects. Actually, the F-70 goes pretty deep...
  6. Looking for a nickel machine

    I'm not a big fan of the Fisher F2 but the one thing that really impresses me about it is it's ability to ID nickels and gold rings from pulltabs. Not the greatest depth on high conductors like silver, but it really hits the nickels well.
  7. F70 vs. F75?

    The F70's all-metal mode is a motion mode in that the coil must be in motion to pick up a signal. The F75 has this, but also has a STATIC all-metal mode and will pick up a signal with the coil held still, similar to holding down the pinpoint button.
  8. What is the best metal detector for your buck?

    The FACTS are that in the soil in my back yard, the Ace 250 performs better on copper cents and silver dimes than the F2 every time at any depth over 3". But hey, I've only been detecting for about 30 years and only owned detectors from Garrett, Compass, Tesoro, Minelab, Whites and Fisher so I...
  9. What is the best metal detector for your buck?

    Seems like we have this discussion every few weeks or so but I'll say it again. My opinion is based on what I've seen with my own eyes and in my soil, in side-by-side tests on buried coins, the Ace 250 detected and correctly indentified buried silver and copper coins deeper than the Fisher F2...
  10. F70 vs. F75?

    They're both very fast machines and the specs for lag coefficient is the same at 78 milliseconds and the "basic sensitivity" spec is the same at 6 x 109 root Hertz (detectivity). the F75 has the static all metal mode where the F70 is motion only. Also they both have fast-grab ground balancing...
  11. Pros and cons of whites MXT and Fishers F75

    Re: Pros and cons of white's MXT and Fisher's F75 The F70 has fast recovery and good depth and sells for $650. It lacks some of the modes of the F75 but it's very stable and has good disc. Both the F70 and F75 run a loooong time on 4 AA batteries. By all accounts the F75 is a better relic...
  12. I will share some private land at Fort Pillow

    I'm interested. I live in Millington about 50 miles from the park.
  13. MD kit suggestions?

    You can get a cloth nail apron from Lowes for about $1 that will do the the job. If you decide you want something fancier later, no big loss and it's a good thing to have a nail apron around the house anyway. Lowes also has a pretty good digging tool that a lot of MD'rs use for about $14 called...
  14. Need a good kids detector...

    I think this is the one EasyMoney was talking about in the Ace vs uMax thread. They claim 1.5 lbs on the website. Seems like it would be worth a try.
  15. relic mode vs all-metal mode on Ace 250

    Jewelry mode discs out the two leftmost bars on the scale for iron and foil. All metal = all bars visible relic = 1 far left bar hidden - iron disc'ed out jewelry = 2 far left bars hidden - iron and foil disc'ed out
  16. relic mode vs all-metal mode on Ace 250

    In all metal, all the bars on the disc scale are enabled and it picks up any metal. In relic mode just the far left bar for iron is turned off and it should disc out small iron. That's the only difference.
  17. Archaeology Dig in St Stephens May 10

    Not metal detecting, but a neat opportunity to do a supervised archeology dig at an historic site. Cut and pasted this from a local newspaper announcement: Volunteers sought for hotel dig Persons interested in Alabama history and archaeology have an opportunity to assist in the excavation of...
  18. F2 vs Ace 250

    Easymoney lives where there is some very high mineralization and apparently the Ace has problems there. Here in the mild soil of W. Tenn, the Ace 250 performed better than the F2 in depth and accuracy of target ID on objects buried in my back yard...
  19. Zero Motorcycles

    Those videos on the website are awesome! Thats freaky seeing a dirtbike come ripping down the trail and only hearing the tires digging in but not motor sounds. Cool bike. I wonder if he designed my '97 Santa Cruz Tazmon bicycle? I used to get a new bike every 3 or 4 years, but I've never found a...
  20. GPS Questions

    My wife has the Garmin Nuvi 350 and my neice has the Nuvi 260. They both work great and speak the name of the street that it wants you to turn onto. The 350 as some extra stuff like audio book reader and MP3 player that we never use anyway so I think the 260 is a better GPS for just navigation...