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  1. Whatever. Bad experiences with people?

    No Need for a jury when you have the Judge . . . The way I think on that is better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6
  2. Whatever. Bad experiences with people?

    I am a card Holding CCW Member and I carry no matter where I go and what I am doing ! That solves the Problems most times before they start ! LOL
  3. F44 Weirdness !

    Update Sent it back to Fisher And they said The coil was defective From Factory . . . It was Leaking and was falsing on even the slightest Mineral it found . So waiting for my Detector to get back and then i will update you guys if that was really the problem
  4. F44 Weirdness !

    Going to do what you said right now. Ty
  5. F44 Weirdness !

    I will do just that in the morning thank you very much !
  6. F44 Weirdness !

    Nope it was a nice 52 degree day.
  7. F44 Weirdness !

    OK all here goes was out with my 9 year old it is now doing something weird . As I go on the hunt and I start the swing I find something get a hit I dig it find a can of some sort. I lay down my metal detector it beeps. I pick it up swing the spot it just beeped and nothing. I swingit...
  8. Bucket list item

    Yup finally a Bucket List find ! My first of my to cross off my list. This Yup I did it I literally looked dynamic and night where a friend tod me would not let me down andhe was right ! Thanks man !
  9. Logging camp boot gun!!

    I found this . Long ago , . .
  10. Is there a thing as a silver penny ?

    I did dig them they were. Plastic in another plastic bag with. Package of cilica. They where not wet at all they came out just like you see them . Must have been a collection of some sort.
  11. Is there a thing as a silver penny ?

    Well today I went out to the Lake and figured I would root around with my F44. I was swinging and all off a sudden Beep then again Beep beep beep . So I pinpointed it and started to dig. Dig I didn't points mode said it was about 7 inches down in the sand . I slowly dug and looked and looked and...
  12. Very Heavy Hand Carved Chair What is the Origin?

    I mis Understood sorry .
  13. Sterling Silver Golf Trophy Cup for $1

    Luck Strikes with you Bud I wish I could find something like that it can add to my next Detector Purchase .

    Congrats to the Wife on her Find ! Keep digging !
  15. Anyone know what it is or its origins?

    I think this might be something to the effect of this I could be wrong but my Grandfather collected it and has so many awesome things I am not a pro at spotting it but I am almost positive. Scrimshaw is the name given to scrollwork, engravings, and carvings done in bone or ivory. Typically it...
  16. Very Heavy Hand Carved Chair What is the Origin?

    Most Indian Tribes use stools ( not Thrones They took to much time to make and would give away who is in power if taken over by other Tribe ) They are called Duhos are carved seats found in the houses of Caciques ( or chiefs ) . Just wanted to put my 2 cents in. . . I am Taino Indian ( from...
  17. Just a few of my better finds so far.

    Awesome Stuff there ! Me and my Daughter Hunt together its awesome ( she is 9 years old and finds better stuff than i do )
  18. What is in your digger pack ?

    OK guys and girls :hello: I am not sure if this has been asked but I am going to ask it . What is in your digger pack:dontknow::dontknow: ( or back pack ) let's see pictures of what you carry with you out I the field ? I don't have a pack as of yet . I was looking for info on what you guys...
  19. New member

    Welcome to TNet great bunch of guys here .
  20. Fisher F44 Help Needed . . .

    Well that's marketing ! Funny how that works right ?