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  1. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Help!

    Hello Botttle hunters- For the past 10 years I have been primarily metal detecting old logging camps and a shingle mill. When I started having success I would go and visit with a old couple who used to bottle hunt in the same camps in the 50’s and 60’s. I knew they would love seeing anything...
  2. JP. C or CO stamped mark on nonferrous metal handle?

    Great piece. Fine ID sure fits the shape of a golf iron
  3. Tumbled quartz? Clear tumbled glass? Agate? Huge!!

    It was suggested that this is a Crystal? weight is one pound
  4. Real or Reproductions

    Can’t speak for this lot but reproduction buttons are a big business
  5. Can you identify this model of Remington shotgun?

    Apparently it is a Remington Rider, sorry I didn’t have better pics. Thank you for the suggestions
  6. Tumbled quartz? Clear tumbled glass? Agate? Huge!!

    I found this at a garage sale for $5 it has a rough exterior and a polished window cut out to view into the ball. I assume it is glass, but I wanted to be sure So cool looking under a light, it looks like the moon! Thank you.
  7. Can you identify this model of Remington shotgun?

    Trying to help a friend, all I have is 2 pics. lookin for the gun guys. Thanks 4 the help
  8. Early 1900’s Cedar Shingle Mill hammerhead use?

    Thank you guys- never ceases to amaze me how quickly a ID comes around here. I am happy to learn it’s particular purpose, I plan on soaking it in straight vinegar like I did with the large sledge. i will post some pics when it is clean. I got the big sledge cleaned up nice with Vinegar. Check it out
  9. Early 1900’s Cedar Shingle Mill hammerhead use?

    Hello folks- i found the smaller of these hammerheads in a early 1900’s Cedar Shingle Mill... does anyone know what this hammerhead was designed to do? There was a small gauge railroad as well. Thanks
  10. Tiny train car found in Cedar Shingle mill

    Thank you, Smallfoot! You nailed it. I noticed the picture you posted has the exact same design detail as mine, but just lacks the paint. All the other examples online look to be slightly different in design and thickness and no paint...I’m sure these things are reproduced like buttons and...
  11. Early 1900's change purse...with change!

    What a find. Congrats that 1910 is a stunner. What are the cut glass looking objects? Are they adhered to the roseary?
  12. Tiny train car found in Cedar Shingle mill

    Awesome. Thank you. I can see this being a prize it would be great if it was Crackerjack. I should also say that the car is nonferrous. wouldn’t the cast iron toys be magnetic?
  13. Couple keepers from Wa State Cedar Shingle Mill 1900-1920

    I found a couple keepers yesterday. I have found some India Rubber Company combs in a nearby logging camp, but this comb is the most complete I have found so far. The small cast train car is a unique find and still has some paint. Just over a 1” it seems too small too be a toy. Could it be part...
  14. Tiny train car found in Cedar Shingle mill

    I found this Train Car in a turn of the century Cedar Shingle mill site yesterday. It is really rare to find anything with paint still attached but this piece has kept its blue/purple original paint. I couldn’t identity any markings, but it does have some design detail on the side of the car...
  15. Horse tether or axe? Central South Dakota

    heard nothing but good things about those families, hope to meet them someday...I spend most days looking at my dog hunting and always in plots or grass, if I could walk more bare ground and really look I might find my first arrowhead!
  16. Rings and more!

    I really like the Post Office button, did you find any info on it?
  17. Horse tether or axe? Central South Dakota

    I hunt properties mostly around Presho...Vivian, Lyman, and Reliance as well. Started guiding 7 years ago after hunting the past 18 years here. I plan to move out here eventually. I might know your Presho friends or know someone that would! thank you for posting those Beauties, are they from a...
  18. Horse tether or axe? Central South Dakota

    Thank you everyone for the information, I’m happy to learn it is a maul as it could be older than a horse tether would be. I am in Lyman County guiding pheasant hunts with my pup for the pheasant season. In my spare time I metal detect and research the history of this county. Locals have been...
  19. Horse tether or axe? Central South Dakota

    Hello Netters- I visited with a 92 y/o lady a few times while in central South Dakota pheasant hunting. Her husband had grown up near the property I was curious about for metal detecting. She had photos of the property and was a great source of information. i asked her if she ever found...
  20. Furniture brass piece? Age/style guesses

    No lettering...surprisingly thick brass.