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  1. Another lost cabin

    Wow, that is like going back in time, what a wonderful find and incredible photo. Bet you could dig some good finds around that site. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Found this on the Beach in Florida

    the thing is that both materials are fused together. there is no way to separate them, it is a solid piece. i thought if it were shell and rock, that it would be loose, or be able to come apart. it is the craziest "rock" I have ever seen, and it's been driving me nuts for weeks!
  3. Found this on the Beach in Florida

    the gray does have some shiny specs in it, but the beige seems more shell like than rock, but it can't be shell, it's very odd.
  4. Found this on the Beach in Florida

    I found this on the beach in Florida, it is solid, like rock and shell, but makes no sense to me. It's not loose anywhere, and there's no separating any part of it, but it's clearly 2 different types of material. I was wondering if anyone has seen anything like it, or possibly knows what it...
  5. This is different lol...

    I'd like to see it cleaned up, great find!
  6. 🥇 BANNER Jackpot! Untouched Colonial Homestead and a Colonial Copper Cache!!!

    That is simply incredible, what a fantastic opportunity, and great finds, hope to see more!
  7. Golden return to detecting ( 200 year old gold )

    That is just fantastic!
  8. Finally went for a walk!

    Looks like a fun walk for sure, where did you go if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Waiting 170 years

    Great finds! Where were you hunting?
  10. 🥇 BANNER Civil war Sword found

    what an incredible find!
  11. 8 Reale!

    Oh Wow! Great find!
  12. Last few days at the colonial home

    That's a great site! Well done
  13. Drizzly morning in Baltimore

    Fantastic finds!
  14. When 'seated' isn't

    That's another great find, congrats!
  15. Best Tip I've heard in 49 years of metal detecting.

    Jay I'm curious as to where you keep your 250 settings when you hunt. I have one, and to your point, not nearly enough hours to be an "expert," however, always looking for tips to improve.
  16. ✅ SOLVED Old Flat Button Need Help to I.D.

    I think you are correct, I did make out the word gold, and I thought i saw the word color as well. It was my first find that wasn't clad or junk metal, so, while it's not huge, I think it's cool that it's dates so far back. I dug it up near a reservoir that used to be an old mill town. it will...
  17. ✅ SOLVED Old Flat Button Need Help to I.D.

    Found this small old button which has some words on the Back. I cannot make the words out, so, I was hoping somone might recognize the markings and tell me what it says, and possibly, how old this button is? Thanks!
  18. Ace 250 Help

    Thanks for all of the tips, I hope to have some extra time with the holiday to get out and practice, maybe I'll get Lucky! :)
  19. Ace 250 Help

    Thanks for the tips, hoping the weather will be om to go out this weekend and try again.