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  1. My old Excal II needs repair !

    Is there an easy fix for this that works ? Or , am I going to need to send this beast in for a legit repair job ? Just noticed after today's hunt.
  2. First hunt in about a year ! Small gold !

    After about a year of wasting time on other hobbies , I finally got back to the beach ! After a few bucks worth of clad and a fake silver necklace , I found a gold earring. Just 1.8 grams of 14K , but it was great to get back out there !
  3. Got the Wife out on her first hunt ever !

    Bought her a 600 while I used my excal. She found the stainless class ring and the fake gold , and i found the rest. Only the silver bracelet was real. Was a fun 5 hour hunt.
  4. Nox 600 strikes tiny gold and silver !

    Found a bunch of junk with the Excal and decided to give the Wife's Nox 600 a whirl before heading home. Very first target is probably the smallest 10k gold ring I've ever found ! Later found a small piece of broken 925 chain. It doesn't miss the small stuff , that's for sure !
  5. First hunt in months ! First Pandora !

    Got out for about 5 hours today. Managed a Sterling silver Pandora and another Tungsten !
  6. Successful hunt and a couple of near heart attacks !

    Great hunt today ! Four total pieces of jewelry ! But , as luck would have it three out of the four were junkers. Still I can’t complain. Today’s treasure tally : 5.6 grams of 18K ! Unfortunately all that ice is CZ ! FAKE silver earring FAKE religious pendant 67 grams of a very nice FAKE gold...
  7. First “Good” finds of 2018.

    Hit the very crowded beach today for just my second hunt of 2018. This time it was actually warm enough to get in the water ! Scored a silver ring and stud earring. The matching pair of earrings are junk , and were only a foot apart from one another. GL and HH !
  8. Hit the beach today for about five hours today. 3 Rings !

    Surf was actually pretty rough today. Stayed knee deep , but the waves still wore me out. Has some success though ! One 14k men’s ring with 5 small diamonds that weighed 7.5 grams ! Then one Triton tungsten carbide , and one Spikes titanium. Fun day. My brother came along and tried his new AT...
  9. Hit the local park today but got ran off.

    Managed to hit two baseball outfields before a maintenance guy told me it's a state park and I couldn't hunt there. I thought it was a city park , so I'll look it up. Lots of trash , but even more coins ! Just nothing very old. Did manage one ring , but as Luck would have it , it is plated crap...
  10. Clearwater Beach is sanded in !

    Drove two hours to Clearwater Beach yesterday. Ole Irma drug in a ton of sand , shells , and trash ! Only finds in the water were trash. Wet sand gave up a little coinage and junk jewelry. GL+HH !
  11. RUSSIAN GOLD ! And a little 925.

    Hit the beach for about four hours before the rain got there today. Found my first piece of Russian GOLD stamped 583 ! Just a 2 gram earring , but I was happy to find it. Only other "good" piece of jewelry is a 925 stud earring with CZ. Everything else is just bling. Interesting looking stone in...
  12. One piece of 925 in an otherwise " Blingtastic " day !

    Hit the beach today. After a six hour water hunt , I only had one piece of silver , a hoop earring. Bracelet is kinda cool , but it's only stainless steel. Got tired of digging mostly coins ( about $4.50 worth ) , so I dug a few null signals. That's why there's so much bling crap. Still a nice...
  13. Gold and bling !

    Got out to the beach for a few hours before work yesterday. Got a hand full of clad , two bling earrings , and a kids 10k " NIKE " ring ! There's no karat stamp inside , but the acid test confirmed my suspicions , 10k !
  14. Made the newspaper !

    I'm the badass with the Dad-gut in pic #5 ! Photo gallery: Park visitors enjoy Fort De Soto | Tampa Bay Times
  15. Short hunts on Fort Desoto State Park beaches.

    Took the RV to Fort Desoto State Park in FL. for a few nights. Got a little hunting in while there. Lots of trash , a little clad , broken bling pendant , and one silver earring. Lots of beach to hunt , but there's a nasty layer of black clay-like mud under the sand that likes to clump up in the...
  16. Anybody have this yellow water hunting pouch ?

    I have and love the black one below. But I've been wanting another water pouch. Anybody know if this yellow pouch has quality water zippers , and good overall construction. Both are roughly $35.00 on the bay. Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Digs from small beach at Curry Hammock State Park.

    Actually from our vacation last month. Nothing great. But thought I'd share. Junk and modern clad. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. My Son and I ( with fuzzy buddies ) at Curry Hammock State Park on Sugarloaf Key.

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  19. Playing with phone's camera settings. From Keys vacation.

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  20. Three " Firsts " for me in one trip to the beach !

    Three " Firsts " for me in one trip to the beach ! First let me say that I love this site ! After seeing the huge amounts of loot and plunder being posted on here on a steady basis , I've decide I need to shift my metal detecting into a higher gear ! I often sat here reading other's...