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  1. Archaeology Dig in St Stephens May 10

    Not metal detecting, but a neat opportunity to do a supervised archeology dig at an historic site. Cut and pasted this from a local newspaper announcement: Volunteers sought for hotel dig Persons interested in Alabama history and archaeology have an opportunity to assist in the excavation of...
  2. New F5 and F70

    Due early Mar. Looks like fisher is really cranking out the new models.
  3. Nellie McKay

    I'd never heard of her until I saw her as part of Aimee Mann's Christmas show last month. At first I thought she was just a novelty act with funny songs but I got her latest album and it's quite good. Some of her stuff kind of reminds me of Laurie Anderson back in the 80's. Worth a listen.
  4. Pinpointing with the Sovereign

    I traded for a used Sovereign Gt a couple of days ago and I've just been playing with it in the back yard. I'm having a devil of a time pinpointing with this thing. I'm trying the 90 degree off X method but I still wind up digging holes about 8" around to find the target. Just testing with coins...
  5. Deer cam

    I put one of those cheap Moultrie game cams from Walmart on the back of our place to see who's been rubbing all the bark off of my young walnut and pine trees and killing them. Here's the culprit:
  6. Garage sale knife does well on eBay

    Story is a women, hobby ebayer, bought this knife at a garage sale. Didn't want to give 15 dollars for it so offered the man 5. put it on ebay for 14.99 start. She just thought was an old knife. Wound up selling for over $10k. The q&a's at the bottom of the page are fun to read. You just never...
  7. More Pulse Devil info

    Pretty amazing claims...discrimination works to full depth...20.5" on a silver coin. Looking forward to some independent field tests of the production units.
  8. Search for Desotos Mauvilla Battle site

    Search for Desoto's Mauvilla Battle site This article is a couple of months old but I thought it was pretty interesting, especially to me since I'm from Clarke County. Desoto killed thousands of Native Americans in the battle there and burned the village in 1540. He also lost most of his...
  9. Super Tuning?

    I have a new Tejon and was reading everything I could find on the Tesoro website and I found this paragraph on Super Tuning: I tried it on the Tejon and I couldn't tell any difference at all on measured air tests. Has anybody tried this with any success? Is there a certain time to use it? Thanks
  10. Baby buzzard (vulture)

    There's a grown vulture that hangs around our property and mostly sits in an old dead tree out in the pasture. I've seen it go into the open attic of an old house that's been gutted and turned into a tractor shed so I figured it had a nest out there. Today I was walking by my tractor and I hear...
  11. 5.75 widescan or concentric?

    I've seen lots of people recommend the 5.75 coil for the Tejon, but I was wondering whether the widescan or the concentric would be better for coin hunting in trashy areas? I assume it would be the concentric but I've been wrong before. What are each of these best suited for?? Thanks. {edit}...
  12. Sovereign GT or M6??

    I currentyl have an Ace 250 but want something with a little more capability for ground mineralization and depth. I realize these are very different machines but I was wondering which would be better for coin/jewelry and occaisional relic hunting? I don't ever plan on using near salt water...