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  1. Tree carvings

    Open to opinions. Not sure what any of this means. I see many directional R’s pointing to a direction where I found two objects buried semi adjacent to each other that lead a small tunnel underground. (Big enough to fit arms down, not a full body tunnel) I didn’t get a picture of the object but...
  2. Any idea?

    Any idea what this symbol is?
  3. What is this??

    Thank you! Great advice, great link!
  4. What is this??

    I think I’ve made the top out at TZTEVE~ then some weird snake looking symbol or a 2, then 18 For the bottom I’ve got- QPAZE and either an L or a C Right below that I’m seeing H•R AS.A(I think) then R The weird thing is, the tail on the R is extended out, almost like it’s directional. I...
  5. What is this??

    Thank you all! I thought it was pretty cool myself. I was wondering if anyone could decode it in some way. I will def. be back to estimate the age of the tree using the method you gave me pepperj. Thanks!
  6. What is this??

    Stumbled upon some property and decided to chalk it. Any idea what this means? This is my only place for any guidance. Thanks
  7. Kgc?

    Kgc? What do you think? Location is Louisiana