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  1. Twin coin id

    I definitely post some wild long shots but the rims on these line up pretty good. If it’s a lettered edge what the hell are these? Haha
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Flat button Id

    Little cuff button I found and assumed it wasn’t really flat button era but no harm in asking. Says cross London on the front and Birmingham on reverse.
  3. Not a today’s find been about a week. GW 1789

    Last one is an example.
  4. Good day.

    y has a French back.
  5. Paterpatria Washington speech to Congress button

    I don?t know what to think about this. It?s got so many levels to it. I found it probably ten years ago. Thought it was a blank button until recently I started cleaning all the plain ones to see if I missed anything. Sucks I cleaned it but would of never known otherwise. Anyone ever see one? I...
  6. Gw button die?

    always thought the other side was for some kind of bullet mold until I actually looked at it one day. So weird. Is it for a button? Would be a smaller. Half dime size. Anyone every see something similar?
  7. Tiny eagle?

    I didn?t try and clean it or anything, looks like a tiny gw style eagle to me but my imagination gets the best of me sometimes.
  8. Large lead button help id

    looks like artillery sometimes then I think I see a snake , anyone make a id? Can?t believe this thing isn?t broken in half
  9. Kinda stumped

    found on rev war era site that hasn?t seen a lot of traffic since early 1800s
  10. Loyalist button?

    Water find . Makes it hard to read , I been staring at these things too long . Any help with ID?