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  1. love my new sand shark

    That's awsome :thumbsup:
  2. Found Bat Mans ring and some silver at the beach this morning

    Re: Found Bat Man's ring and some silver at the beach this morning Very cool ring! :thumbsup:
  3. Harrassed By Teenagers at Beach

    Outstanding!!! :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright: I get sick and tired of the lack of respect now a days and all of these bleeding hearts. This country has gotten to soft and these kids prove it. Discipline and structure need to come back. Nice job, don't feel bad as you stopped...
  4. More gold,silver and coins in Acapulco

    Very nice :icon_thumright:
  5. Considerate

    Great finds!!! I have been considering a mask and snorkel myself, but right now I do a lot of bobbing around trying to stretch just a little more. I may look like an idiot when I do it, but I hate to pass on a signal. :coffee2:
  6. Jones Beach, New York 6-13-11

    Nice finds, a couple of interesting pieces for sure. :icon_thumright:
  7. Sunset Hunt 6/12/11 - Two Ringer

    Very nice pair, you just needed one with a White stone and that would have been quite a patriotic set! :thumbsup:
  8. Had my very own Life Guard this afternoon at the beach; found a bit of .925

    Looks like a nice day to be out :thumbsup:
  9. Good News...Bad News...GOOD NEWS!

  10. My Minelab experiance....

    It is sad to hear, as I have an older Excal and have had very good success with it and have heard so many different things about the 2's. Even the dealer I deal with said I am better off with my older detector and he promotes Minelab. :coffee2:
  11. Three Hunts.... Three GOLD!!!!

    Your on a roll we would all like to be on, congrats :icon_thumright:
  12. 2 whites tall man lower fiber rods 30 Sold Sold

    Re: 2 whites tall man lower fiber rods 35 shipped or trade Sent you a PM
  13. First GOLD for 2011!!!

    Nice one :icon_thumright:
  14. My $.99 from this morning.....

    I am lucky to find that much some days, maybe the next time will be better. :coffee2:
  15. Shark Spotted at Playground!

    WOW, that's a tough hunt with a PI, but it looks like you did well :icon_thumright:
  16. Need opinions on which tesoro for my wants and needs

    Congrats on the Silver, you've picked a great little detector you can swing all day! :icon_thumright:
  17. Junk, junk and more junk

    Yup, looks like my outing today, too! LOL
  18. New M6 user

    Congrats Gary, you've picked a fine detector. I am sure you'll do well with it :icon_thumright:
  19. Tiffany Ring

    That's a beauty :icon_thumright:
  20. Question for Tejon Owners

    The stock coil is an excellent coil and the only other needed is the 5.75. The stock coil is amazing as is! :thumbsup: