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  1. Minelab GPX6000 ?

    How come i see so little mention of this machine has it been discountinued or something?
  2. anyone useing an AT Gold with NEL coils

    Heard good things about them and was wondering if anyone is useing them an the at gold and if they like them better than garrett coils?
  3. anyone in central ca. looking to go detecting?

    In Sacramento and mostly go out alone so thought I would see if there were others interested in teaming up to find a pot of GOLD!
  4. anyone using a garrett 8x12 cc coil on AT Gold

    Thinking of buying one cause i have heard good things about this coil and was wondering what owners think of this coil?
  5. gold detecting through glass

    I'm an extreme newby to gold prospecting with a detector but have been looking for gold for 50 years. I'm playing around trying to get my GAT gold to see gold in a glass vial. I've just turned it on and then went intoi the front yard finding a key i lost twenty years ago that i can still...