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  1. Shenandoah Valley, Va. Time to go back...?

    :dontknow: Places of my youth; FUN days of TH'ing, OLD towns, OLD "homes"/communities... wrote on LOTS of 'em on TN. :coffee2: DANG getting older; be 70 in January... "Creak, creak, here; creak, creak there; creak, creak DANG EVERYWHERE!" :tongue3: :coffee2:
  2. Beale Treasure Story, True or False...?

    :icon_scratch: :treasurechest: :tongue3: ??? A HOAX...? :key: WHERE is "The KEY"... :find:
  3. NOW!

    TODAY... Sept. 19; International Talk Like A Pirate Day. What say ye, Maties...? Eh...? :skullflag: :laughing7: :hello2::treasurechest: :pot-of-gold: :tongue3: :anchor: :coffee2:
  4. Moving soon.

    Wife & I are moving back to Jefferson Ridge in Forest, Va. by end of October. Will donate MOST of my copies of info to Bedford City/County Museum re. "The Beale"; keeping my info re. Beale/CSA Treasure & Lexington/VMI "connections"... as PV was doing before he passed on; I feel his "spirit" is...
  5. Folk Memories of the Beale Treasue

    What other stories do we have/know... LOCAL lore...? ??? :coffee2:
  6. OUE, 2020 ...?

    WHAT will be NEW...? :dontknow: :icon_scratch: ???
  7. NOW is the time...

    to "site" treasure spots for 2020; HH! Good Luck! Have FUN!:hello2: :coffee2:
  8. Dismal Swamp of Virginia; Maroons... treasures?

    Well, ANYTHING...? Doing R & I on it, now... ??? :icon_scratch: :dontknow: :coffee2:
  9. "Stoned" Treasure Hunters of Virginia?

    :laughing7: MAY be in the near future... be careful out there! "Pot" may become LEGAL! LGA! :tongue3: :dontknow: :coffee2: BTW; I DO NOT "Toke"... stay out of FED parks!
  10. Block House in Bedford County, Va.

    Does ANYONE know where it was...? On the GREAT WESTERN ROAD (Rt. 460) towards Roanoke...? "Meeting up" with the Old Wagon Road/Warrior's Path (Rt. 11)...? :dontknow:

    "Google" Page 17-2 Beale Ciphers Analysis... & PONDER! :laughing7:
  12. Sunday Drive - Upper Goose Creek Valley, Bedford County, Va.

    Well, wife & I went looking for a restaurant, near Natural Bridge; we took the road NORTH of Montvale, Va.; Goose Creek Valley. Got "turned onto" PIKE ROAD (WRONG road; it IS part of the Buchanan Turnpike Road) & we went back to Montvale for Upper Goose Creek Road. BEAUTIFUL Valley; past...
  13. Beale Ciphers, KGC NUMBER Code...?

    It was 1885, ENQUIRING minds wanna KNOW! :laughing7:
  14. NEW "Thread" on Fincastle, Va.

    Wife & I are gonna visit Father Steve in Fincastle, Va., soon. DYK...? Fincastle was known as the GATEWAY to the WEST; OLD Botetourt County "back then" went ALL the way, (WESTERN Territory) MORE than 600 MILES to the shores of the Mississippi River! Thence, TJB & Associates went NORTH on the...
  15. VIRGINIAN HOTEL in Lynchburg, Va.

    VH, once the site of THE VIRGINIAN Newspaper during the BEALE PAPERS PAMPHLET days (1885 +), is NOW open as a SWANKY, over-priced Hotel with a Restaurant on the roof (NYC is now in Lynchburg, Va.). JOB PRINT was in the same building, with entrance on MAIN STREET in Lynchburg, Va. The "local"...
  16. Info for 2018

    GREAT info for Virginia, 2018; Gold Fever Prospecting in Virginia (GOLD Prospecting & Panning info) @ HH! Good Luck! Have FUN! :icon_thumleft:
  17. GREAT "find" at Jones Mem. Library in L'burg, Va., today!

    YEAH! Nice "Booklet" - DESCENDANTS OF JAMES BEVERLY RISQUE by Evelyn Johnson Wood, right on Chuck's desk... as if waiting for me! Risque name started out as RISK! LOTS of info from Presbyterian & Spring Hill Cemeteries Records (in L'burg, Va.); and families such as Gibbs, Walker, Hutter...
  18. RAGLAND PAPERS found.

    Wife & I went to Jones Memorial Library in L'burg, today; she did Family Research (she's from Maryland), and I looked for the RAGLAND PAPERS. Found 'em in @ 10 boxes; Chuck gave me the Index of Contents there-in... found NOTHING pertaining to "Topic of Interest" (CSA Treasury/Beale...
  19. Theta Brain-waves Mysteries?

    Theta Brain-waves from the Brain is a MYSTERIOUS Realm for Psychic Experiences, UFO's, Near Death Experiences (NDE), After-Life Experiences; BRAIN SCIENCE is FASCINATING! WOW! Any stories "out there"...? :dontknow:
  20. NEW Mystery of 2018... ROBERT MORRIS

    Hmmm... ROBERT MORRIS - Book: WRITTEN MNEMONICS; has NUMBERS cipher! WOW! :laughing7: