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  1. Our oldest son and crew heading for hurricane Ida

    Last week they went to the hurricane in Conn. , this week its La. and Ida, He works as foreman in a tree climber/ tree cutting crew---last year 4 months in california with wild fires, may be going back to Cali. soon----quite the crew from Broome county N.Y.-----be safe men !
  2. To Hot for rabbits even !

    rabbit under our trampoline in the shade--hot !---------
  3. Man digs 12 foot deep hole

    ------My wife seen this on facebook so it must be true LOL
  4. Simple Man --By Upchurch----New

    Im not much of a country song guy, but this aint bad------
  5. Lets Get Together-- The Youngbloods

  6. Lone Star Tick invades upstate New York

    Another Breed of Tick to worry about while hunting/detecting---Lone Star Tick-----
  7. Trump to Declare National Emergency Today

    National Emergency according to Fox News------This Thread you can state your opinions , feelings and the health of the area you live in. God bless and good luck to all. According to our local news there are no known cases of coronavirus in my area, the closest outbreak would be near New York...
  8. Money Talks ----AC/DC ---Live 1991

  9. In The Air Tonite ---Phil Collins Live 1982 & 2016

    ----------Phi Collins son on drums
  10. House of the Rising Sun ---The Animals --Live 1964 & 2011