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  1. 🥇 BANNER I Accidentally Found My Grandfather's Class Ring!

    I was detecting a grass parking lot in our small community that I have detected before, but not entirely. I had been detecting for a couple of hours and was getting nothing but a bunch of nails and can slaw/pull tabs. I came across a spot where I got 5 or 6 solid mid 50s signals on my AT Pro in...
  2. Advice on fort morgan alabama area

    Ill be going down to the Fort Morgan area of Alabama and planning on taking the detector. Wondering if anyone has any advice on the area? I am assuming that it has been hunted pretty hard because of all the history. Will be staying within walking distance of the fort and navy cove. Any help is...
  3. Farm finds identify

    These are the finds from a day in a farm field. Some pictures follow, first is all finds, then is several that i am not sure about. One I think is a suspender clip. But the one I am curious about is the little lead ball. Thanks
  4. First Apple Cider Vinegar Experience

    This neat little hammer was found rusted behind the former site of an 1800s blacksmith shop. Probably in the ground for at least a hundred years. These pictures are after apple cider vinegar for one and a half weeks and hot wax. I was super happy with the finished product. Unfortunately i didnt...
  5. Decent day of RIVER TREASURE!

    Not a bad Day's river treasure only hunted for about an hour. Ray Bans, camera, fising rod cover, and DENTURES!??? Thats a new one.
  6. Advice on electrolysis.

    I have a bunch of iron relics saved up and am going to build a electrolysis setup, hoping yall have some advice on design and operation. Thanks
  7. How To Preserve Old Gun?

    Found this old revolver in the creek. Wondering if anyone has advice on how to clean and/or what make gun it is. Thanks.
  8. Help identify buckle

    found this buckle but can't find anything online. Marked Improved cantab buckle. Any help?