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  1. Our oldest son and crew heading for hurricane Ida

    The guys are in Lafayette La. this morning helping with Fema tents, and set up the Cajun dome----- and breakfast ---
  2. Our oldest son and crew heading for hurricane Ida

    Last week they went to the hurricane in Conn. , this week its La. and Ida, He works as foreman in a tree climber/ tree cutting crew---last year 4 months in california with wild fires, may be going back to Cali. soon----quite the crew from Broome county N.Y.-----be safe men !
  3. helenwood, scott county giant 1921

    I would love to hear more about this :icon_thumright:
  4. Whitesville Grocery, West Point, Harris County, Georgia

    Amazing the coke signs are still there and not stolen or sold
  5. To Hot for rabbits even !

    rabbit under our trampoline in the shade--hot !---------
  6. Crotal bell (broken) - makers mark?

    Possibly T S, Thomas Swain 1771-1781 London. Others could be I S, actually J S , John Stares 1743-1746 or John Seller 1733-1760 York
  7. !700s site Conical item and more!

    its possible, clean up the engraving it might tell you something
  8. !700s site Conical item and more!

    Looks like a nice bayonet/ knife scabbard tip---:---similar to this 1---
  9. Recent finds in NJ! Help identify some if possible

    Nice bottle finds :icon_thumright:
  10. What is this?! Any ideas?

    Looks like an old tie rod
  11. Navy spots pyramid-shaped UFOs on video, Pentagon confirms

    I just dont get the flashing lights on the ufo's--------fake or china i would think
  12. Gifs, Pics, and More

    --2 weeks after second covid shot and everything ok so far
  13. Man digs 12 foot deep hole

    ------My wife seen this on facebook so it must be true LOL
  14. Simple Man --By Upchurch----New

    Im not much of a country song guy, but this aint bad------
  15. Dig at the dump!

    Cool !! little boy figurine is neat :icon_thumright:
  16. ✅ SOLVED Head Scratcher

    Pennsylvania railroad lock--:icon_thumright: