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  1. ✅ SOLVED Found Photo Negative - Troops? Re-Enactment?

    Need your help to identify picture. Found this little photo or film negative in a junk yard box. No date. Nothing to identify it. I reversed and lighten the negative to show the image. Looks like it is possibly a re-enactment or boy scouts or troops? What do you think is going on...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Help Identify Cross Sword Insignia on Brass Buckle and Pin

    Help id this military? brass buckle and pins insignia. Thanks
  3. ✅ SOLVED Old Metal Riveted Large Toy Plane. Help Identify Plane

    Found this old handmade toy plane today. #88. One Star. Large- 28"L X 35.5" Wingspan. Metal. Riveted. Blue Paint chipping. Need help identifying the model. I haven't a clue. :dontknow:
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Metal Cube of Unknown Substance. Tiny yet Very Heavy. What is it?

    Found this tiny hard cube of unknown substance in recycling spot in Florida. It is very heavy for its size. Trying to figure out what substance it is made of. Maybe lead? Here's what I do know.... Dimensions: Approximately 5/8" x 5/8" x 0.75" . Weight: 106 grams / 3.8grams...
  5. ✅ SOLVED Anyone recognize this buckle? Looks like a Lion head and a V. No marks.

    Anyone recognize this buckle? Looks like a Lion head and a V. No back marks. Any suggestions? Guesses? Thanks!
  6. ✅ SOLVED Plz Help Identify US Meyer New York Enamel Insignia Pin

    Help Identify US Meyer New York Enamel Pin. Not quite sure what this insignia is supposed to be. ???
  7. Who Can Identify Two Old Ships?

    I bought two old original paintings of ships for a lousy $2 each. :hello2: Both paintings signed by British artist, J Clark. C1890s I'm trying to identify the type of ships. I think painting #1 has 2 schooners and displays a US flag an. Photos: Painting #2...
  8. Who are These People in Vintage Photos?

    Any guesses? Take a look at these 5 vintage photos. I don't know if they are famous or not. Maybe someone recognizes someone. :icon_scratch::icon_scratch: Thx for help.
  9. Vintage Photograph stamped: "Hammer Nitrate". Ever hear of it?

    I found this old photo negative of a house. It is mysteriously stamped on the side: Hammer-Nitrate Size: ~ 5"L x 7"W I'm curious if the stamp might relate to a silver nitrate or cellulose nitrate photo process. :icon_scratch: I'd love your feedback or info. Thx for your help. Here...
  10. Who is this Clown?

    Found this photo of a clown. It is a photograph of another photo or artwork. Just curious if anyone recognizes him. Thx! Signature on lower right :
  11. ✅ SOLVED Who is he? Portrait of Unknown Male Military or Political Figure on a tiny pin.

    Who is the face on this pin? :icon_scratch: Tiny gold tone pin with embossed portrait of an unknown decorated bearded male military or political figure. Backside is stamped with a crossed "L". Anyone recognize him? Photos: Updating.... Mystery solved: It...
  12. Vintage Metal Found. Possibly German Eagle?

    Found this old metal that looks like a German Eagle award. It's made of a light metal. It was found in German friend's estate. Interesting and vintage but doesn't seem valuable. Any insight is appreciated. Thx
  13. Who Knows Old Cars? Help Identify 1906 Automobile

    I found this little old pendant. Nothing special but it is an etching of a car dated 1906. On the opposite side are the initials "A.R". I'm curious what car this might be. Any guesses? Thanks for your feedback.
  14. Is this maker's mark... Silver? Sterling? Silverplate? None of the above.

    Is this maker's mark... Silver? Sterling? Silver plate? None of the above. Bottom mark on a bowl. I'd appreciate your info. :icon_scratch: It weighs over 2 lbs so I wonder if it has any value. Thx!
  15. Help Identify Old Baseball - Should I pitch it in the trash? Harwood 1858 Horsehide

    Just trying to identify this old baseball before I pitch it in the trash. Can't figure it out. :icon_scratch: It's signed many times... I guess by kids. OSMA Scholars 3 Brooklyn 0 7-7-1953; Stamps appears to read: Harwood Baseball 1858, Horsehide, #66?; I welcome you input! Thx
  16. ✅ SOLVED Help Identify: Stainless Steel and Sterile. Medical Drill Bit? Bone? Teeth?

    I found several stainless instruments that were in sterile packages. I think they might attach to a drill. Are they for drilling into bone... teeth... surgery? Human or Animal? :icon_scratch:
  17. Found an Unknown Felix the Cat Film + Rare Old B/W Animation

    Today, I found an old reel with black and white film of "Felix the Cat" film. It is titled "Bobbed Tails". There are no credits. Just starts and ends with the cat action. I think it is one of the missing or previously unknown films because it is not listed anywhere. . ???
  18. 1940s Film Reels: Roosevelt w/ Chiang Kai-Shek - "Japan's Fate is Planned" + Mickey M

    1940s Film Reels: Roosevelt w/ Chiang Kai-Shek - "Japan's Fate is Planned" + Mickey M Today, I bought a shoe box full of old reels. The box included a news reel from Castile Films of spliced segments showing: President Roosevelt and Prime Minister meeting in Cairo with Chiang Kai-Shek...
  19. 24 K Gold Electroplate Picture Frame -- Any Value?

    Any value to this? Vintage electroplate 2-sided picture frame. ~ 4.5" X 3.5" Marked: " J&B 24 K Gold Electroplate "
  20. Help Identify Tiny Pin with Military or Royalty Figure

    Anyone recognize this lapel pin with the figure of a man, military or royalty in decorated uniform. He has eyeglasses, beard, mustache. Looks like a high decorated collar. On the back is letter "L" with a cross or banner across it. I don't think he's Lenin. But, then, who? :icon_scratch: