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  1. Apex "AKA The Nickel Finder"

    The wife an I got for a bit today an we find more nickels with the Apex's. We now call them nickel machines. Good hunting , stay safe an well. Jim
  2. Ripper coil

    Got the wife a ripper coil, should help to eliminate trash, I have noticed that I find more nickels with the Apex, I did have the Whites latest, it never was easy to operate as the Apex. Stay safe Jim
  3. Family Apex's

    I have a Apex and enjoyed it and couldn't be happier. My bride is also a detector, she has had Whites Spectrum for years. The UPS man delivered her surprise Apex the other day. The smile was so sweet, when she saw what it was. Fellows if you have a good lady in your life spoil the hell out...
  4. Garrett apex

    I have had my Apex for about 3 weeks, it is very good at finding coins in this crappy soil we have here. The neat thing is I was worried about the battery going down while I was out detecting, I found my cell phone charging battery will plug into the charge port of the Apex. The detector goes...
  5. New Metal Detectors

    I was very curious how the board members view the different new devices on the market. Whites, Minelabs, Garret and others have interduce new machines. So who in your opinion makes the best and WHY ? I think it would be interesting to see the results. Best to all Jim
  6. Photoraphing old coins

    I found a Japanese Sin coin in my back yard, it has been in the ground a very long time. I did clean it and found some of the coin etched away. I would like to photo the coin. I don't have any idea how it got in my back yard from Japan, a long ways from Monrovia Cal. I know the coin was...