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  1. California Roll Call

    I'll get the ball rolling I'm in the East Bay area on the Oakland/Berkeley border. I'm into all sorts of treasure hunting but most interested in relic and historical coin finds.
  2. California Roll Call

    Hey folks let's get a roll call started. Where are you from and what kind of hunting are you into?
  3. Dayton area

    Hey Don, Actually looking at Dayton, TX this the post in the Texas area board. It's out in Liberty County just east of Houston. Whole area dates back pretty far best I can tell.
  4. Dayton area

    I have friends with around 1000 acres out in Dayton that I could likely get permission from to detect on. Part of the property contains an old graveyard with a handful of old headstones that are unfortunately too aged and weathered to read and in the middle of the woods on the property. If I had...
  5. New to the hobby in the Bay Area, CA

    Haha thanks HuntH2002. Actually moved out here from Houston last year! Definitely like it better here though some of the laws take some adjusting to. :thumbsup:
  6. In search of Pirate Treasure in the British Virgin Islands. Warning kind of a long po

    Congrats on the finds Locke! As a frequent visitor to VG and the neighboring islands these finds have me absolutely salivating to go hunting down there now!
  7. Od coins Found in Foundation at San Juan

    Really cool! Especially the tie back to the Donner party! Thanks for sharing Jeff!
  8. Bay Area Buddies

    Howdy folks, I moved to the Bay Area last year. New to detecting, the area, and the forum :hello2:. Looking for buddies to chat and trade history and leads/tips with. I will mostly be working the East Bay but travel all around the bay area fairly regularly. I also spend some amounts of time...
  9. New to the hobby in the Bay Area, CA

    Always wanted to get into the hobby but always had trouble finding the time. I finally have found the time and can't wait to get out and start digging. I got a screaming deal on a new Fisher F5 as they have apparently been discontinued recently and am anxiously waiting for it to get here next...