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  1. Lightning strikes twice!!!

    If you read my post from yesterday, I found my first two large cents. Went back to my buddy’s farm to hunt the same spot. About an hour of hunting and I found two more. An 1831 and a 1835. Haven’t cleaned them up as I just got home. Something that is interesting and not sure how significant it...
  2. Found my two oldest coins, three firsts, and need ID help.

    So I finally got back into my friends 1790’s farm for some hunting. Started out super slow just digging trash, then got a great signal from under an old clothes line. About 4” down and out popped an 1943S walking liberty half (first half found). After that found a few wheats (1920 and 1918) in...
  3. New to detecting and having some beginners luck!!

    So…. I usually don’t post but today I feel like I need to. So I purchased a Nox 800 back in March (have about 30 hrs on it) and have had some luck (wheats, couple Indians, and a couple buffaloes), but silver had been eluding me. Well last week I found my first silver, a 1905 micro o barber...
  4. West Point quarters

    FYI Just read in coin world that the mint will continue The west point quarters in 2020. Still 2 million minted per design. Privy mark on the obverse. I think it said the mark Will be “PV75” The article stated that the mint is going to try To distribute the coins more evenly throughout The...
  5. Need help identifying.

    I found this in the middle of nowhere Ohio in a field. Non magnetic and weighs over 300 grams. It looks to have been super heated. I have no idea what kind of rock it is and any info Would be greatly appreciated.
  6. This weekends haul.

    Picked up 4 boxes up halves and two boxes of quarters (hoping for a 2019W) Halves: 8 1st box - skunk 2nd box - 2 64’s, 54d, and a 67. 3rd box - 3 40% 4th box - 1 40% Quarters: 1 silver and a proof. No 2019’s but the first box had a 1976s and the second box had a 64d. So in 13 yrs of...
  7. Missing clad or PMD?

    Just found this half. The whole coin is copper colored and weighs 11.2.
  8. First nickel box of the weekend.

    Just started my 7 box weekend. Ended up with 23 pre 59, including these three. 45p A nice AU 39 (with 40 steps) And this little lady
  9. What would you do?

    Picked up two boxes of pennies only to find that both boxes are solid 2018’s. Should I dump them or search them for possible errors?? Thanks
  10. The mother of all Lincolns! Why couldn’t I find this in a roll?!!!!
  11. JFK half..... Any ideas?

    Found this 1971 half in a box today. Appears to be silver and weight is 11.0 grams (weighed multiple times with Cal’d scale). If it were plated I would expect it to weigh a little over 11.3. Any thoughts?
  12. Silver rimmed quarter

    Weighs in at 5.7g which is what other quarters weigh. Doesn't appear to be plated. Any ideas?
  13. New detector

    I have of budget of around 1600. Looking mostly for coins and relics, some beach hunting. Wondering what would be the best all around detector for the money. I have been eyeing whites v3I. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Finally some luck!!!

    Picked up a box (brinks) of pennies the other day. Just started opening them tonight and to my surprise, wheats falling out of the rolls! 12 rolls opened so far and I have found 38 wheats. The most in a roll has been 6 and the least has been two. The earliest being a 1919. Will post totals later
  15. Boxes of halves question

    My bank recently switched from the flat single layer (yellow writing) boxes to the dual layer brinks boxes. I have seen a dramatic drop in the silver that I find ( 2015 - 6 boxes, all skunks). For those of you who hunt halves and receive the flat boxes, what are the bank names where you are...
  16. Copper Cents

    Just curious as to how many hunters save all copper cents and why? I know that the cent is worth more than a cent in copper value, but is the point just to stash them until the mint stops producing them?
  17. Oldest coins found

    Hi all, New to the website and thought I would ask what are your oldest coins ever found? 50 - 1938 25 - 1964 10 - 1919 5 - 1920s 1 - 1889 On a side note, I stopped by one of my pick up banks a couple days ago. The teller told me he had a guy bring in some old pennies. He had 5$ worth. Bought...