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  1. Attention MAMUCKER; Pics of stone triangle point

    Hi, This point is an oddball for sure. Here are the pics of the base you requested a while ago. I do believe this point is late paleo, possible dalton. This is not a Snappit, Squib, or Levanna I do not care about opinions that conclude so. This is an extremly odd point out of all the...
  2. SENE Paddle Drill and others!!!!

    Hi folks, So I found my second and third paddle drills of my life tossups. Two in one day??? I've only found 3 full ones. They are rare to come by in my locations. The Red Rhoylite one portrays the best of workmanship seen in my area. It's perfectly made, symetrical and stunning. The...
  3. A super hunt. A heartbreaker Levenna and an odd ball

    Hi folks, We've been having a lot of rain in SENE. It has helped produce some very nice points the past week. Yesterday I found this Dark Red Levenna missing a point, a argillite point, a full snappit and an odd full tan stone one. The one that is tan stone is a wierd find for my location. Do...
  4. Big Quartz Levanna and a nice Marbled Rhoylite Poplar Island

    Hi folks, I have been putting my time in at various spots. The points that follow from three different spots. The first is a dark burgundy Marbled Rhoylite Poplar Island Point. Still quite sharp. Top 3 poplar Islands for me. The second is a husky Quartz Levanna Point. I love the knapping on...
  5. Neville with Missing Base?

    Hi folks, Been a bit. Check this out. I believe it's a Neville with a snapped off base. It would have been killer. It is a bit water eroded but does have slight serrations. This one looks better in hand. What do you think? It is quite large. Not a perfectly worked one, but that's what gives...
  6. Cherokee Nation Point

    Hi folks, My mother just went to Oklahoma. Her friends father was an avid hunter. She gifted me this likely Cherokee point for my Birthday. Any input on piece would be appreciated. Age, sect, ect. What type of material?? Thanks
  7. Some Neat stuff

    Hi folks, Been A bit since I've posted. Here's some from the last three hints. I have been finding quite a few broadtip bases in the past months. I think they are knives that have broke. The one below is made of a cool marbled lithic. Also found a small marbled rhoylite wading river or...
  8. Another heartbreaker today

    Here's pics. Reminds me of the big broadface base I found but half size. Damn nice base
  9. Epic Heartbreaker.

    Hi folks, Found this one today. It is missing stem only. You can see snap off point. What is this? Definitely quite nice but broken still.
  10. Most Weathered Point I ever Found. Brewerton Dalton Delema

    Hi folks, Found this one way up on a bank amongst pebbles and rocks. It looks like a weathered piece of seaglass. Has the two pointed shoulders, some bassel thinning, and the two funky fest. Probubly a Brewerton... All signs of knapping worn away. Just the profile left. Here's some pics
  11. Fossil with a horned face carving?

    Hi folks, I'm wandering over to a neck of the woods I do not know at all. I post in Native American Artifacts. This is most definitely a fossil (broken) of some sort. However, it appears to have a horned race carved into it. It has the two horns, nose, eyes, and face profile. The eyes and...
  12. Vosburg Today. Trying to date Paddle Drill

    Hi folks, So today I found another Vosburg in the same location I found the Paddle Drill. That makes 2 Vosburgs and a paddle Drill from same spot. I am trying to estimate an age on the drill. Based on these two finds maybe 4500 BP. I have not found much of anything else at this spot. Other...
  13. Tropical Storm Elsa's fruit! Odd one for me...

    Hi folks, Finally got to some fertile ground level after the tropical storm. The buckets of rain eroded a little patch that is usually good for me. I found in a couple different locations a handful of points. The black small full point stands out to me. I do not know the ID, but I really like...
  14. Year maker Drill!!!

    Hi folks, Found this drill today. It is quite a unique find for me. Found drills in past but never with top handle part. Any info on piece appreciated. The lithic is quite unique too. Thanks
  15. Update on shark tooth Hunter attacked by gator

    Hi folks, In the link below you'll find the actual gopro footage and full story of the alligator attacking the shark tooth hunter. By simply watching this video you'll be sending money to the victim for his medicalBill's. You will not find this footage or full story anywhere else...
  16. Possible paleo quartzite and a quartzite leaf knife I think.

    Hi folks, Here's a possible Paleo piece. Doesnt resemble the snalpits, squibs, or Beeknans I've found. Also found a large nicly worked quartzite leaf knife or something else. Has a worked piece coming off like it was attached to something. Still very sharp. Thanks for the peek
  17. Missing /stolen arrowhead alert!!!!!

    The poplar island I found the other day pictures attached went walking from my belongings. Please let me know if it pops up anywhere online. This is a dead serious note and I will let u know if I find it. I've looked everywhere. I left this one out.
  18. Another Sothern New England Killer

    So these rains hav turned up stuff everywhere. Found this yesterday. Have no clue on ID. It's a nice white quartzite. Possible Knife. I grabbed in in situ shot. Brilliant against background. Thanks for peek.
  19. Southern New England killer Nevile today!!!

    Southern New England killer Poplar Island today!!! Hi folks, Found this killer stark today. However could be a variant of the Neville. Entirely whole no chips. One of my top points. Unreal workmanship. Also a great quality quartz Triangle. Thanks for the peek.
  20. My oddest Geofact ever

    Hi guys, Way before I was an arrowhead hunter, I loved seaglass. I was naive and still am in some regards. I thought this was a fossilized tooth. Lol