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  1. Deadman's cave

    Has anyone ever been searching for the Deadman's cave near Crestone, Colorado? I wanted to chat with other treasure hunters who have been down into Deadman's creek area. I have been searching in that area for 3 years and found all sorts of mines, prospect tunnels, and Spanish markers.
  2. Cobsky's Lost Mine

    Lost Simpson Mine/Cobsky's mine is believed to be on Silver mountain over near La Veta, Pass Colorado. Has anyone every heard of a person or know a person who has been interested in searching for it? I spend all my time in Fort Garland and searching for treasure legends in the Sangre de...
  3. lost train legend

    Have you all every heard of an old train from the 1800's/early 1900's that was buried in a canyon due to an earthquake? From what I heard the canyon was very steep and the entrance to the train tunnel got buried. Due to the time period, the rescue efforts were not possible for the passengers.