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  1. Minelab wireless headphone ml80 question

    Can these be paired to your phone without being paired to the detector? I want to use them as only headphones with my phone but they won't pair or even be recognized. Thanks everyone
  2. Great foreign coin haul today.

    I went to the rye patch nugget shoot today and this is what I found. I also won some prizes. Haha it was awesome. If anyone knows anything about these coins I would love to hear about it. Thanks.
  3. Oldest and best find so far. 1865 seated liberty dime.

    Finally got to a spot I've wanted to hit for a year. It did not disappoint.
  4. Heading home

    I'll be back in western North carolina in a few months. Anyone out there have any experience with the area? I don't need locations just curious about some finds. I wanna look for old relics and do some prospecting. I have a YouTube channel that I will be uploading videos on the whole time I'm...
  5. Clay

    How bad is clay to run through a sluice? Is there a certian way to break it up before going through? I ran a whole bucket of clay and came up with one speck. Wondering if it was because clay pulled it out as it rolled through.
  6. Need some advice.

    So i have the 100 dollar backpacker sluice box. I took out the carpet and put miners moss in it. Was thinking to try the corrugated rubber matting next. Any opinions on which is better? Also a good place to buy the rubber?
  7. Question for the pros

    So i have one of the 100 dollar backpacker sluice boxes I took out the carpet and put miners moss in it. Was thinking to try the corrugated rubber matting next. Any opinions on which is better? Also a good place to buy the rubber?
  8. Found these in coinstar

    What a discovery at a local coinstar. Wow.
  9. Finally

    Man i dint remember the last silver coin i found its been so long. Maybe my curse is finally over.
  10. Equinox 800 on gold coins

    I was wondering if anyone has hit gold coins with the nox 800. If so what number rang up and how did the target sound? Im struggling with horribly choppy targets and wondering if I'm missing great targets. Im also wondering what the best set up is for silver and gold coins. Thanks
  11. US minted coins

    So i was wondering what the most saught after us mints were. The coins and the mints they came from. Top 5 mints or more great. Thanks.
  12. Questions for ghost town hunters

    So i use the 800. I was wondering why buried rusty items ring so high. Like 27-37. I dig them and a can pops up. I rescan it and its mid teens most often. Then I'll hit a solid 29/30 and the target disapears. That gets annoying. Just looking for answers from other nox users with similar...
  13. My first encounter with a sluice box

    Wow what an adventure. I tried a sluice box for the first time and this is my results. Part 1 2 and 3 of little sluice big money will be on my YouTube channel tomorrow. The channels called "the wandering fools"
  14. Questions about sluice boxs

    So I'm new to this hobby and had a few questions for the pros. I am using a 24 inch hundred dollar box. I was wondering how many buckets should be ran through it before you clean it out? I was worried about losing gold by not cleaning it often enough. Any advice is grateful. Thanks.
  15. Question for nox users

    So i was wondering how many of you using this machine have found silver or gold in multi frequency. Ive seen some reviews about coins on edge and the nox not hitting them in multi. Ive tested this with my machine and its pretty bad. The minelab website has un update but my machine is already up...
  16. Banner worthy?

    Did my 3rd big hunt with the nox found this sweet thing.
  17. First hunt with the Equinox 800

    Got the machine last week and i had to get out to a place with no snow. Went to Fort Churchill in Nevada and lucked out. I find relics there everytime i go. No trash was dug. Oh by the way i LOVE this machine. Cant wait to hit some other areas I know about. The video is up on my channel "the...
  18. Minelab Pro-Find 15 Pinpointer

    So as of right now i use the garrett carrot and its been great. I feel like its on its way out and am going to need a new one. My question for TNet is this pinpointer worth picking up? Im going to go with the Equinox 800 and they have a package that offers this pointer. Ive used the carrot and...
  19. AT Gold vs Equinox 800

    So I have been using the AT gold for almost a year. The machine has been great. I recently put the bigger CORS Strike coil on it. Haven't really got the chance to use it yet because of the weather and conditions. My question here is how would the two detectors compare head to head? I like that...
  20. Tech talk questions about 3 detectors

    Whats up everyone? So I'm thinking about a new detector. At the moment i have an AT gold with a core strike coil on it. I was thinking about picking up an equinox 800 but am not sure how different this detector is than the one i already have. I hunt lots of desert in northern nevada and not much...